s. xi2. Agreement between Æthelweard and the dean and brothers of St Paul's, London, concerning land at Sandon, Herts. English


London, St Paul's


1. London, St Paul's DC., W.D., 4, f. 44v (s. xiii)


H.M.C. 9th Report, App., p. 65

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    • His is sy forewearde ˇe Ægelward haf∂ gemacad wi∂ ˇonne decanus 7 wi∂ ealle ˇa gebro∂re of sce Paules mynstre, ˇæt is of ane healfe hyde landes æt Sandune, ˇæt he sceal æfrice geare gyuen .viii. horen for ealle ˇinc, 7 hi sculan baˇa habban he 7 hys wif ˇa hwile ˇa hy lyfie∂ 7 æfter hyre begre dæge habba scs Paulus eall ˇæt hy ˇær æfter belæfe∂ ˇa him mid rihte to ge byrige oppan ˇan ilcan lande, 7 ˇæt he habba ˇæt land swa swa hit nu ge locod is, 7 ˇis synd ˇa gewitnesse ˇæt is se decanus 7 ˇa fuwer arcediacones, 7 ˇisre gewrite syndon twa, an haben ˇa gebro∂re 7 ˇæt o∂er Ægelward, 7 hær wi∂ ∂æs Colswegen 7 Ægelmær 7 Sexi.