s. xi2. Agreement between Brihtric, with his wife (gebedde), and the canons of St Paul's, London. English


London, St Paul's


1. London, St Paul's DC., W.D., 4, ff. 29v-30r (s. xiii)


H.M.C. 9th Report, App., p. 62

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    • ˝is his sy forewearde ˇe Brichtric 7 his gebedde habba∂ wi∂ ˇa canonicas ˇæt his ˇæt heo sculan habban heora beira dæi anes canonikes gerihte on mete 7 on eale, 7 heo habba∂ geunnen hyra land ˇam canonike scær 7 sacceleas, 7 æfter heora bera deige beon ˇa canonikes eruename of ealra heora æhte, 7 ˇis beo∂ ˇa gewitnesse, ˇæt is Ægelwine Brihtmeres sune 7 Leofstan 7 Hearding 7 Bruning.