A.D. 1053 x 1055 (? Lincoln). Agreement between Bishop Wulfwig, and Earl Leofric and Godgifu, his wife, concerning the endowment of a monastery at Stowe St Mary, Lincs. English




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Printed and Translated:

Thorpe, pp. 370-2; Salter, Eynsham Cart., i. 28-30; Robertson, Charters, no. 115 (pp. 212-15)


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    • [H]er swutela∂ on ˇisan gewrite hu ˇa forewearde geworhte syndon ˇe Wlwig bisceop 7 Leofric eorl 7 Godgife ˇæs eorles wif geworhtan ymbe ˇæt mynster æt sancte Marian stowe. ˝æt is ærost ˇæt hig bædan ˇone bisceop ˇæt hig mostan ˇæt mynster godian 7 land ˇiderinn tolecge be his fullre leafe. ˝a ty∂ede heom se bisceop 7 wæs swy∂e bli∂e ˇæt he ænigne fultum hæfde ˇæt him ˇærto fylstan wolde. Nu habba∂ hig hit gesett mid preostan 7 willa∂ ˇær habban ˇeowdom eallswa man hæf∂ on Paulesbyrig binnan Lundene. 7 ˇa land ˇe hig ˇiderinn lecgea∂ beon ˇa ˇam gebro∂ran ˇe ˇær binnan beo∂ to fodno∂e 7 to scrude. 7 se bisceop habbe into his feorme ælc ˇæra ˇinga ˇe Æ∂eric bisceop 7 Ædno∂ bisceop hefdan ætforan him of ∂am ˇe mid rihte gebyra∂ into his bisceoprice, ˇæt is ˇa twegen deles ælc ˇæra ˇinga ˇe kym∂ into ∂am mynstre, 7 ˇa preostas habban ˇone ˇriddan dæl forutan ˇam twam mæssan. ˘onne habbe se bisceop eall ˇæt ˇærto kym∂ ehta dagas to ∂ære ærre sancte Maria mæssan 7 ehta dagas to ∂ære æftran sancta Marian mæssan, butan ˇam mete anum. ˝onne habban ˇa preostas ˇone ˇriddan dæl of ∂am mete ˇe ˇærto kym∂. 7 ˇa land ˇe se bisceop 7 se eorl 7 Godgife 7 gode menn ˇiderinn geunna∂ beon ˇa æffre into ∂æra halgan stowe ˇam gebro∂ran to neode 7 ˇæt mynster to godianne, ˇæt nan bisceop ˇe æfter him kym∂ ˇærof nane feorme ne crafige, butan of ∂am ˇe him mid rihte to gebyra∂ into his bisceoprice, eallswa o∂re bisceopas ær ætforan him hæfdon. 7 ˇis is gedon be Eadweardes cynges fullra leafe 7 on his gewitnesse 7 on Eadgy∂e his gebeddan 7 on Stigandes arcebisceopes 7 on Kynsiges arcebisceopes 7 on Heremannes bisceopes 7 on Dodika bisceopes, 7 on Leofrices bisceopes 7 on Ealdredes bisceopes 7 on Heka biscropes 7 on Ægelmæres bisceopes 7 on Alfwoldes bisceopes 7 on Willelmes bisceopes 7 on Leofwines bisceopes 7 on Sigweardes eorles 7 on Haroldes eorles 7 on Raulfes eorles 7 on Ælfgares eorles 7 on Manniges abbudes 7 on Ælfwines abbudes 7 on Leofsiges abbudes 7 on Leofrices abbudes 7 on o∂res Leofsiges abbudes 7 on Brihtmæres abbudes 7 on Esgeres stealres 7 on Raulfes steallres 7 on Lifinges steallres 7 on eallra ˇæs kynges huscarlan 7 on his mæssepreostan 7 on ˝urgodes lagen 7 on Sigfer∂es 7 on Godrices 7 on Owines 7 on Sigrices 7 on eallra ˇara burhware gewitnesse on Lincolne, 7 on eallra ˇæra manna ˇe secea∂ gearmarkett to Stowe. 7 se ∂e ∂a geferædene mid gode geece, God ælmihtig geece his lifdagas her on life, 7 on ˇam toweardan life, ˇæt he mote wununga habban mid Godes gecoranan. 7 se ∂e hig todræfe 7 ˇa land ut of ∂ære halgan stowe geutige, adrefed wur∂e he fram Gode 7 fram sancta Marian 7 fram eallan his halgan o[n] ∂am myclan domes dæge. Nu syndon ˇisse gewrita ˇreo: an is mid ˇæs kyngces haligdome 7 o∂er is mid Leofrice eorle 7 ˇætte ˇridde is mid ˇam bisceope on ∂a halgan stowe.