A.D. 1052 x 1066. Notification by King Edward that he has restored to Chertsey Abbey 10 hides at White Waltham, Berks., with the church there, woodland at Halewik (Hollicks, lost, in White Waltham) and Lidlegewik (Littlewick in White Waltham) and 20 acres of meadow at Cookham, Berks. English




1. London, British Library, Cotton Vitellius A. XIII, pp. 51r-v (s. xiii)


K, 844


Harmer, Writs, p. 205 n. 1, not authentic in present form but may ultimately be based on a genuine document; PN Berks., i. 70-2; Gelling, ECTV, no. 136, citing Harmer, spurious but authentic basis possible

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    • In ∂ane halgene namen ures helendes Cristes. Ich Eaduuard king ofer Engle∂eode cu∂e Stigand archebissop, and Harold eorl, and alle mine ˇeines ∂at ich mid ∂usen write gelde and geue Criste and seinte Petre and Wluuold abbode and ∂en bro∂ren on Cherteseye ∂o [X] hyden lond on Waltham, and ∂e cherche of ∂an seluen tune, and ∂ane wode of Halewik, and ∂ane of Lidlegewik, mid alle o∂ere ˇinge ∂e ∂areto belempe∂, and [XX] æceres of ∂are made at Cocham into Weltham. And ∂is ich hem habbe geunne for ∂an hit har into ∂an munstre laig sua ich hit habbe mid mine ˇeines sodsage onlierned of ∂ara syrren, and ∂arefore ich wille ∂at hie habben and helden alsua hiere rigte ∂ane tun mid alsua muchele munde alsua on meseluen stant, on alle ˇinge, in wode and in felde. Se man ∂e mine geue her gelitla∂ o∂er on o∂ere wisen to auuenden ∂ene hit her beforen awriten is, ben his lif her ilitlade, and his wonienge in helle grunde buten he hit her ∂e sti∂licor gebete.