A.D. 1044 x 1048. Account of the purchase of land at Offham, Kent, by Godric of Bourne from his sister, Eadgifu. English


Canterbury, Christ Church


1. London, British Library, Cotton Augustus ii. 35 (s. xi med.; BM Facs., iv. 28)


Hickes, Diss. Epist., p. 30; Madox 1702, p. 176 (no. 284); K, 789; Earle, p. 247

Printed and Translated:

Thorpe, pp. 350-1; Robertson, Charters, no. 103 (p. 192)


BM Facs., iv, p. 7, contemporary; Wallenberg, KPN, p. 325, on place-names; Robertson, Charters, pp. 439-40; HRH, p. 236, probably original; Wormald, English Law, p. 152 n. 118

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    • + Her swutelað on þisum gewrite hu Godric æt Burnan begeat þæt land æt Offaham þæt is ðonne þæt he sealde Eadgyuan his sweostor an marc goldes 7 xiii. pund . 7 lxiii . peningas . on geceapodne ceap to gyfanne 7 to syllanne on dæge 7 æfter dæge þam þe him leofust sy . Ðes ceap wæs geceapod on Wii æt foran ealra scyre . Ðises is to gewitnesse Eadsige arcebiscop . 7 Siward biscop . 7 Godric decanus . 7 eall se hired æt Cristes cyricean . 7 Wulfric abbud 7 se hired æt sancte Augustine . 7 Ægelric bygga . 7 Ðurgar Ælfgares sunu . 7 Eadric Ælfrices sunu . 7 Osweard æt Hergeardesham . 7 Leofwine preost 7 Godric port gerefa . 7 Wulfsige þæs cynges gerefa . 7 manig god mann þarto . Nu synd þissa gewrita þreo an is æt Cristes cyricean . 7 oþer æt sancte Augustine . 7 þridde hæfð Godric mid him .
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    • + Here is announced in this document how Godric of Bourne acquired the estate at Offham, namely when he gave Eadgifu, his sister, one mark of gold, and thirteen pounds and sixty-three pence for the completed purchase, [with the power] to give and deliver [it] during his day and after to whom he most should wish. This purchase was completed at Wye before the whole shire. In witness of this is Archbishop Eadsige and Bishop Siweard and Godric the Dean and all the community at Christ Church, and Abbot Wulfric and the community of St Augustine’s, and Æthelric Bigga and Thurgar Ælfgar’s son, and Eadric Ælfric’s son, and Osweard of Harrietsham, and the priest Leofwine, and Godric the port-reeve, and Wulfsige the king’s reeve and many good men besides. Now there are three [copies] of this document: one is at Christ Church; the second at St Augustine’s and the third Godric has with his [possessions].
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    • + Her swutela∂ on ˇisum gewrite hu Godric æt Burnan begeat ˇæt land æt Offaham ˇæt is ∂onne ˇæt he sealde Eadgyuan his sweostor an marc goldes 7 xiii. pund. 7 lxiii. penega. on geceapodne ceap