A.D. 1044 x 1045. Record of the settlement of a dispute over St Mildrith's property between Ælfstan, abbot of St Augustine's, and Leofwine, priest. Leofwine gives up his claim in return for an annual payment of five pounds and a life-interest in 1 sulung at Langdon and 1 at Ileden, Kent, to revert to St Augustine's after his death. English


Canterbury, Christ Church


1. Canterbury, D.C., A 207 (s. xi med.; OS Facs., i. 23)


K, 790

Printed and Translated:

Thorpe, pp. 349-50; Robertson, Charters, no. 102 (pp. 190-1)


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    • + Her swutelað on þisum gewrite ð[a fore]weard þe Godwine eorl worhte betweonan Ælfstane abbod 7 þam hirede æt sancte Augustine 7 Leofwine preoste embe sancta Myl[dryþe a]re . þæt is ðæt Leofwine cænde þæt he bohte þa are æt Cnute cinincge . 7 se abbod cænde þæt Cnut cing gelogode þa halig [......7....]are þ[....]ra eama wergeld wæs into sancte Augustine una[wen]dedlice . þam Godes ðyowan bi to libbanne ða hwile [.....] Nu is þis se seht þe Godwine eorl worhte betweonan þæm [ab]bod [7] þam hirede æt sancte Augustine . 7 Leo[fw]ine preost þæt [Ælfstan] abbod 7 se hired [scolde] geunnan Leofwine preoste .ii. suling landes an æt Lang[a]dune 7 oþer æt Gildinge 7 .v. pund penega ælcum g[ea]re healf to sancte Martines mæssan . 7 healf to midlængtene . on ful[lu]ht 7 æfter his dæge ga land 7 feoh into sancte Augustine mid cildum 7 magum 7 e[all]um geborenan mæn . si abbod se ðe si . Nu is þises to [ge]w[it]nesse Eadsi arcebisceop . 7 Siword bisceop . 7 Godwine eorl þe ðone seht worhte 7 se hired æt Cristes ciricean . 7 se hired æt sancte Augustine . Nu [sin]d þisse gewrite þreo . an is æt Cristes cyricean . 7 oþer æt sancte Augustine . 7 þridde hæfþ Leofwine preost
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    • + Here is announced in this document the agreement that Earl Godwine has made between Abbot Ælfstan and the community at St Augustine’s and the priest Leofwine over St Mildryth’s property: namely that Leofwine declared that he had bought the property from King Cnut and the abbot declared that King Cnut had deposited the holy [relics there] and [that her] property [and her] uncles’ wergild was to go unchangeably to St Augustine’s for the servants of God to live upon as long as [Christendom endures]. Now this is the settlement that Earl Godwine made between the abbot and the community at St Augustine’s and the priest Leofwine: [namely that they should] grant to the priest Leofwine two sulungs of land – one at Langdon, the other at Ileden – and five pounds in pence each year, half at St Martin’s mass and half at mid-Lent at Whitsun for his lifetime. And after his day both the property and the money [are to go] to St Augustine’s with the children and the women and all the men born [there], be the abbot who he may be. Now there is as witness of this: Archbishop Eadsige and Bishop Siweard and Earl Godwine, who made the settlement, and the community at Christ Church and the community at St Augustine’s. Now there are three of these documents: one is at Christ Church, the second at St Augustine’s and Leofwine the priest has the third.
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    • + Her swutela∂ on ˇisum gewrite [ˇa forew]eard ˇe Godwine eorl worhte betweonan Ælfstan abbod 7 ˇam hirede æt sancte Augustine 7 Leofwine preoste embe sancta Myl[dryˇe a]re . ˇæt is ∂æt L