A.D. 1020 x 1038 (Monks Risborough, Bucks.). Agreement between Archbishop Æthelnoth and Toki concerning land at Halton, Bucks., bequeathed to Christ Church by Wulfnoth. English


Canterbury, Christ Church


1. London, British Library, Add. 14907, ff. 18v-19r (s. xviii; ex 2)
2. London, Lambeth Palace Library, 1370, f. 115r (s. xi)


K, 1321

Printed and Translated:

Thorpe, p. 331; Robertson, Charters, no. 80 (pp. 154-5); Baines 1991, pp. 64-5


PN Bucks., pp. 162, 167; Robertson, Charters, pp. 402-3; Gelling, ECTV, no. 158, original; Brooks 1984, pp. 301-2, MS 2 written in gospel-book by same scribe at same time as S 1466, a later agreement concerning the same land, so cannot be contemporary; Ker, Catalogue, pp. 346-7 (no. 284), art. e, on MS 2; Baines 1991

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    • + Her swuteliað on ðisse Cristes bec Æþelnoðes arcebiscopes forword 7 Tokiges embe þæt land æt Healtune . þæt wæs þæt Tokig com to Hrisbeorgan to ðam arcebiscope syþþan Æðelflæd his wif forðfaren wæs . 7 cydde him Wulfnoðes cwyde þæt he þæt land becweden hæfde into Cristes cyrcean æfter his dæge 7 his wifes . 7 bæd þone arcebisceop þæt he þæt land habban moste his dæg . 7 æfter his dæge þæt hit lage into Cristes cyrcean mid eallum þingum þe he þæron getilian mihte unbesacen . 7 cwæð þæt he wolde þam biscope þances kepan 7 his mannum . 7 se arcebisceop him þæs tiðude . 7 sæde þæt he riht wið hine gedon hæfde þæt he sylf him for ðam cwyde secgean wolde . þeh he hit ær ful georne wiste . 7 ðises wæs to gewitnysse Æþelstan æt Bleddehlæwe . 7 Leofwine his sunu . 7 Leofric æt Eaningadene . 7 feala oðra godra cnihta . þeh we hi ealle ne nemnon . 7 eall ðæs arcebiscopes hired . ge gehadude ge læwede.
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    • + Here is declared in this gospel book the agreement of Archbishop Æthelnoth and Tokig about the estate at Halton. That was that Tokig came to [Monks] Risborough to the archbishop after Æthelflæd, his wife, had passed away, and made known to him Wulfnoth’s will: that he had bequeathed the estate to Christ Church after his day and his wife’s. And he [Tokig] asked the Archbishop that he might hold the estate for his life and after his life that it should belong to Christ Church, with everything he could produce therefrom, uncontested; and he said that he would remain beholden to the [arch]bishop and his men. And the Archbishop granted him this and said that he had acted correctly towards him by himself speaking about the will — though he already knew full well of it. And the witnesses of this were Æthelstan of Bledlow, and Leofwine his son, and Leofric of Eaningadene and many other good cnihtas – although we do not name them all – and all the Archbishop’s household, both clerics and laymen.
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    • + Her swutelia∂ on ∂isse Cristes bec Æˇelno∂es arcebisceop forword 7 Tokiges embe ˇæt land æt Healtune . ˇæt wæs ˇæt Tokig com to Hrisbeorgan to ∂am arcebisceop syˇˇan