c. A.D. 1017 x 1027 (Lichfield). Declaration that Godwine, son of Earwig, has been cleared of the accusation of unrihtwife brought by Leofgar, bishop [of Lichfield]. English




1. Lichfield, Cathedral Library, Gospels of St Chad, p. 4 (s. xi 1; Zimmermann 1916, plate 245)


Hickes, Diss. Epist., p. 11; Wanley, Catalogus, p. 289; K, 803; Thorpe, p. 373; Earle, pp. 236-7; Heyworth, Wanley, p. 142; Ker, Catalogue, p. 158


Wormald 1988, no. 78, dates are the outside limits of Leofgar's episcopate; Heyworth, Wanley, p. 142; Ker, Catalogue, no. 123 (p. 158), contemporary

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    • Her sutela∂ an ˇæt godwine earwiges sunu hæfˇ gelæd fulle lade æt ˇan unrihtwife ˇe leofgar bisceop hyne tihte. 7 ˇæt wæs læd æt licitfelda