c. A.D. 900. Record of the acquisition by King Edward from Bishop Denewulf and the community at Winchester, in exchange for St Andrew's church, of land at Winchester for the foundation of a monastery; also of the acquisition by the king of land by St Gregory's church. English with bounds


Winchester, Old Minster and Winchester, New Minster


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4. London, British Library, Lansdowne 717, f. 29r-v (s. xvi; ex 3; Latin and ME bounds only)


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Printed and Translated:

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    • + In nomine Domini. Ic Eadwerd cyning begeat æt Denulfe biscepe 7 æt ðæn hiwun on Winteceastre þa wind cirican 7 ðæt stænne slapern 7 ðærto ðæs landes be suðan ðære cirican 7 ðæn slepern .xxiiii. gerda on lange, 7 on bræde ðar hit bradest is fif gerda 7 ðær hit unbradost is anne gerde, to ðæn ðæt ic ðær mynster on gestaðolode, for mine saule hælo 7 mines ðæs arwyrðan fader Ælfredes cyninges. 7 ic let be ealra Westsexna witena geðeahte 7 leafe to biscepe 7 to þan hiwun sancte Andreas cirican 7 ðone worðig ðe ðærto geunnen wes, into ðære stowe on ece erfe, ðæt hit nage nan man fram ðære stowe to dælanne. Ðonne is ðis se eaca ðe eallra Westseaxna witan ðærto eacan me gebocodon on ece erfe. Ærest suðrichte fron ðan beodærn to sancte Gregories cirican, ðonne from ðære suðwest hyrnan sancte Gregories cirican .xii. gerda westrichte to ðære strete, ðonne richte norð .xiii. gerde to ðære norðstræte, ðonne eastrichte .xliii. gerde 7 .vi. fet to ðære eaststrete, ðonne suðrichte .xx. gerde 7 .vi. fet to ðære suðstrete, ðonne westryhte be ðære suðstræte to ðæm lictune .vii. gerda 7 .vi. fet, ðonne ryhte norð .v. gerda. Ðonne is ðæs ymbganges ealles ðreo furlang 7 ðreo metgerda. + Eadweard rex + Æðelweard frater regis + Plegmund archiepiscopus + Denewulf episcopus + Wilferð episcopus + Wulfsige episcopus + Asser episcopus + Wighelm episcopus + Ceolmund episcopus + Eadgar episcopus + Wimund episcopus + Byrnhelm abbud + Wihtbrord minister + Deormod minister + Beorhtsige minister + Ocea minister + Æðelstan minister + Wulfhelm minister + Alla minister + Beornstan minister + Wulfhelm minister + Beornstan presbyter + Tata presbyter + Wulfred + Beorhtulf presbyter + Beornulf diaconus + Eadstan diaconus + Eadulf + Ælfstan + Æðelstan + Wighelm + Wulfstan + Wulfric + Ealhstan + Wynsige + Eadulf + Wulfhelm + Wulfsige + Eadwold presbyter + Wulfnoð presbyter
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    • In nomine Domini. I King Edward have acquired from Bishop Denewulf and from the community at Winchester the æWindÆ-church and the stone dormitory, and, in addition, a certain portion of the land lying south of the church and the dormitory, measuring twenty-four rods in length, and in breadth five rods at its broadest part, and one rod at its narrowest part, to the end that I might found a monastery thereon, for the salvation of my own soul and [of the soul] of my venerable father King Alfred. And with the advice and leave of all the West Saxon council, I have handed over to the bishop and the community St Andrew's Church and the glebe which had been granted thereto, as a perpetual heritage for that foundation, so that no man be ever permitted to alienate it from that place. Moreover, the council of all Wessex have, in addition, conveyed to me by charter the following estate, as a perpetual heritage: First southward from the refectory to St Gregory's Church, then from the south-west corner of St Gregory's Church twelve rods westward to the street, then thirteen rods due north to the north street, then forty-three rods, six feet eastward to the east street, then twenty rods, six feet southward to the south street, then seven rods, six feet westward along the south street to the cemetery, then five rods due north. The circumference of the whole amounts, therefore, to three furlongs, three yards.
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    • + In nomine Domini. Ic Eadwerd cyning begeat æt Denulfe biscepe 7 æt ∂æn hiwun on Winteceastre ˇa wind cirican 7 ∂æt stænne slapern 7 ∂ærto ∂æs landes be su∂an ∂ære cirican 7