A.D. 1058. Ealdred, bishop, to Dodda, his minister; lease, for life, of 2 hides (mansae) and a yardland at Bredons Norton, Worcs., with reversion to the bishopric. Latin with English and English bounds




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    • ∂is is ∂ære twegra hida boc 7 anre gyrde æt nor∂ tune. And ∂a feower æceras ∂ærto of ∂ære styfycunge into ∂am twam hidan 7 ∂a mæde. And ∂one graf ∂e ˇærto mid rihte tolige∂. And ∂a ∂ry æceras mæde on afan hamme. ˇe sancte oswold geaf bercstane into ∂am lande. And ∂iss synd ˇa land gemæro into ∂am grafe. ærost of ∂ære dune andlang ˇære rode o∂ hit cym∂ beneo∂an stan cnolle. ˇanon on gerihte to cwenn hofoton. Of cwenn hofoton be nor∂an ˇam mere ˇanon on gerihte eft up on ∂a dune.