A.D. 1047 x 1053. Stigand, bishop, and the community at Old Minster, to Wulfric; lease, for two lives, of 2 hides and one yardland at Alton Priors and three yardlands at Patney, Wilts., with meadow and pasture. English


Winchester, Old Minster


1. London, British Library, Add. 15350, f. 74v (s. xii med.)


K, 949; B, 390, last 13 lines

Printed and Translated:

Robertson, Charters, no. 107 (pp. 202-3)


Robertson, Charters, p. 450; Finberg, ECW, no. 336, authentic; Hart 1970a, p. 32 (no. 132), authentic; HRH, p. 236, probably genuine; Miller, New Minster, p. xxxvii, once in New Minster archive?

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    • Her swytela∂ on ˇissum gewrite ˇa foreweard ˇæ Stigand bisceop 7 se hired on ealdan mynstre worhtan wi∂ Wulfric ˇa ∂a hy letan him to ˇa twa hida landes æt Aweltune 7 ane gyrde . 7 æt Peattanigge ˇreo gyrda . 7 ˇa mæde ˇa gebyra∂ to ∂am gereflande 7 twegra getymæna læse . 7 tyn cuna for∂ mi∂ ˇas hlafordes . 7 his sceapa læse æfter ˇæs hlafordes his deg 7 anes mannes deg æfter him swylce hæ best geunne wi∂ swylcan sceatte swylce he hit ˇa findæ mihte. ˝ises is to gewitnesse, Stigand bisceop . 7 Godwine eorl . 7 se hired on ealdan mynstre . 7 Ælfwine abbot . 7 se hired on niwan mynstre and ealle scirˇegenas on Hamtunscire. ˝issa gewrita syndan ˇreo an is on ealdan mynstre . and oˇer is on Wiltune . and ˇridde æfed Wlfric.