A.D. 1038 x 1050. Eadsige, archbishop, to St Augustine's, Canterbury; grant of land near Canterbury. English


Canterbury, Christ Church


1. London, British Library, Stowe Charters 42 (s. xi med.; OS Facs., iii. 43)

Printed and Translated:

Robertson, Charters, no. 108 (pp. 204-5)


Robertson, Charters, pp. 450-1; Brooks 1984, p. 388 n. 140, contemporary; Kelly, St Augustine's, pp. xxxii-iii, no trace in St Augustine's archive; Kennedy 1995, p. 141 n. 43, on detail of witness-list

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    • + Her swutelað on þisum gewrite þæt Eadsi arcebisceop hæfð geunnan Gode 7 sancte Augustine .v. æcera landes butan Reada gatan . 7 þa mæda wiðutan Wiwergatan þe þarto lið . unawendedlice for his sawle . on þa forwyrd ðæt þa gebroðra him beon holde on heora gebedum . ægþer ge on life . ge æfter life swa hy him behatan habbað . Nu is ðises to gewitnesse Godwine biscop on Rofeceastra . 7 Godwine biscop æt sancte Martine . 7 Godric decanus 7 eall se hired æt Cristes cyrcean . 7 Leofwine preost . 7 eall se hired on Doferan . 7 Ægelric bicga . 7 Esbearn . 7 Ægelwine Ælfelmes sunu . 7 Þurgar . 7 Eadric æt Æþelham . 7 Eadwine þæs arcebisceopes broðor . 7 Ælfwine se reada . 7 Godric æt Burnan . 7 Ælfred . 7 his broðor Gyldewine . 7 seo burwara eall on Cantwarabyrig . 7 þarto manig god mann . ægðer ge binnan byrig ge buton . Nu synd ðissa gewrita twa . an is æt Cristes cyrcean . oþer æt sancte Augustine.
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    • + Here is announced in this document that Archbishop Eadsige has granted to God and to St Augustine five acres of land outside Ridingate and the meadow outside Worthgate, which pertains thereto, unalterably for his soul on condition that the brethren be faithful to him in their prayers, both during [his] life and after [it], as they have promised him. Now as witness of this is: Bishop Godwine of Rochester, and Bishop Godwine of St Martin’s, and Godric the Dean and all the community at Christ Church, and Leofwine and all the community at Dover, and Æthelric Bigga and Esbearn, and Æthelwine Ælfhem’s son, and Thurgar, and Eadric of Elham, and Eadwine the archbishop’s brother, and Ælfwine the Red, and Godric of Bourne, and Godric and his brother Gyldewine, and all the burgesses of Canterbury, and many good men besides, both within the borough and outside [it]. Now there are two of these documents: one is at Christ Church; the other at St Augustine’s.
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    • + Her swutela∂ on ˇisum gewrite ˇæt Eadsi arcebisceop hæf∂ geunnan Gode 7 sancte Augustine .v. æcera landes butan reada gatan . 7 ˇa mæda wi∂utan Wiwergatan ˇe ˇarto li∂ . unawendedlice