A.D. 1042. Lyfing, bishop of Worcester, to Æthelric, his faithful man; lease, for three lives, of 2 hides (mansae) at Elmley Castle, Worcs., with reversion to the bishopric. Latin with English bounds




1. Lost Somers charter 21


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    • Old English bounds only ∂is synd ∂a landgemær into Elmlea. ∂æt is ∂onne, ærest of Netelcumbe æfter Wulfrices gemære in ∂one steort. Of ∂am steorte andlang weges on fulan bryc. Of fulan brycce andlang westbroces ongean stream in ealda ford. Of ealda forda on halsbroc. Of halsbroke into ∂am halan. Of ∂am halan andlang pohweges innon neo∂ere hæma gemære. æfter ∂am gemære in Nottestan. Of Nottestane andlang gemære in Byrdingcwican æfter ∂am more in Wifyr∂∂es mere. Of Wifyr∂∂es mere andlang heafdon on hinhæma gemæru. æfter hinhæma gemæru in ∂a ealdan stræt. ∂er ofer ∂a stræt æfter ∂am gemære in saltwyllan. Of saltwyllan in segchæma gemær. Of segchæma gemæru on æschæma gemæru into ∂ære munuca gemæru up to ∂ære hyrstte. Of ∂ære hyrstte in pohweg. ∂æt on halsbroc. Of halsbroke andlang ∂æs rycweges innan scirford. Of scirforda ofer ∂æne stanyhta weg ∂æt on calcstanes mor. Of calcstanes more ∂æt eft innan Netelcumbe.