A.D. 1038. Lyfing, bishop, to Earcytel; lease, for three lives, of 2 hides (cassati) at Tapenhall in North Claines, Worcs., and two hagas in Worcester, with reversion to the bishopric of Worcester. Latin with English bounds




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    • Old English bounds only ∂is synd ˇa land gemæro into tapen halan. ˇæt is ærest of brada forda east in ∂a hegreawe. æfter ˇære heghreawe ˇæt cym∂ innan ∂a ealdan dic. æfter ˇære dic ˇæt to ∂am holan wege. Ofer ˇone weg west riht to ˇære ealdan dic. æfter ˇære dic to ˇære bradan stræt. Of ˇære bradan stræt be ˇam grafe innan ∂a port stræt. æfter stræte innan dillameres dic. Of ˇære dice ende innan ˇa wællan. Of ˇære wællan in ˇa sandihte stræt. æfter stræte nor∂ on bisceopes scirlett ofer bisceopes scirlett in lin aceran wege ˇam innmæstan. Of lin aceran innan ∂one hege. æfter ˇam hege on brocc holes weg. Of brocc holes wege innan ˇone croft. Of ˇam crofte be ˇam gearde innan leofesunes croft. Of ˇam crofte innan salewearpan. æfter salewearpan in oter burnan, æfter oter burnan ˇæt cym∂ eft in salewearpan. And twegen hagan binnan porte.