A.D. 996 (for 994). Sigeric, archbishop of Canterbury, confirms a grant by Wulfrun for the monastery at Wolverhampton of land at Upper Arley, Worcs.; Eswich (? Ashwood), Bilston, Willenhall, Wednesfield, Pelsall, Ogley, Hilton near Wall, Hatherton, Kinvaston, Hilton near Wolverhampton, and Featherstone, all in Staffs. Latin with English bounds




1. Lost
2. Manchester, John Rylands Library, English 880, ff. 145r-148v (s. xvii; ex 1)


Mon. Angl., i. 988-91; Mon. Angl. (rev. edn), vi. 1443-6 (no. 1); Hooke 1983, pp. 66-83 passim, bounds only


Bridgeman 1916, pp. 105-10 (no. 20)

Printed and Translated:

Duignan and Stevenson 1888


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    • Old English bounds only This beoˇ ∂a land ymere ∂e Wlfrun hafaˇ, don into ∂a mynstre in Hamtune, & ∂e tune nome ∂e ∂is priuilegie ymbe specheˇ. Erest of Earnleie, & Espich, & Bilsetnatun, & Willenhale, & Wodnesfeld, & Weoleshale, & Ocgintun, & Hiltun, & Hagenˇorndun, & Kinwaldestun, & oˇer Hyltun, & Feoˇerstan. This beoˇ ∂a mere into Earnleie. Erest of Earesbroce & ∂a scorte ∂ornes & of ∂a scorte ∂ornes in Wlsieshorsecroft & ∂anen in Alrescagan. & of ∂e scagan in Eadulfescrofte, & of ∂a crofte in ∂one ryewei, on lang ∂ane riewei in ∂a eordbriche, & ∂onan duneward in ∂a lynleie, & of ˇare leie iu ∂one Swinseaˇ. & of ∂a seaˇe in Heortseges broc, on lang ∂es broces in ∂a myˇan, & of ∂are myˇen in Byinnigbroc. & ∂anen up efter broce in ∂at sych, & of ∂an sich in Sciteresford, & of ∂an forde in Bromescumbe, & of ∂a cumbe in Eˇelsiesymere, on lang Eˇelsiesymere in Seferne dune. On lang Sefernes in fif aken, of fif aken in ∂one styb, & of ∂a stibbe in ∂a strete, on lang strete in winnan trou & of ∂a troue on Tudelefbeche. On lang beches in Seferne, up efter Seferne in Leofrichesymere, on lang ∂e mere in Thurulfesweie, of ∂e weie in ∂one aker geard, on lang ∂e gearde in Lamberde leie. & of ∂e leie on Earesbroc ∂er hit er on feng, & ouer Fatestal into Earnleie et ∂ere wich, and ∂ritti/ suinemest on Scipricge ec into Earnleie. This beoˇ ∂e land ymere into Eiswich. Erest of ebles/ bece in ∂a dic, & of ∂a dice on Sture dun efter into Tresel, up efter Tresel in Scakeresford. & of ∂a forde on ∂at sic, on lang sices upward in/ Belstowe, & of Belstowa in Tresel. This beoˇ ∂e mere to Bilsetnetun, & to Wodnesfeld & erest of Hindebroce in ∂eo dic bitwonem Ettingeshale & Bilsetnetun. Onlang ∂a dic forte cume ∂er, ∂eo dic went estward, & of ∂am dice forˇ on ∂one ∂orne ∂ar ˇa ∂reo ymere goˇ to somne Hantunes & Ettingeshale & Bilsetnetun ymere. & of ∂am ∂ore in ˇone lece mere, & of ˇa mere on ˇone ford ˇer beorgiˇes sanes strete liˇ ofer, & of ˇa forde ic ˇone dic ˇe liˇ betueone Wodnesfel ∂es ymere, & Hamtunes. & norˇward ford efter dic ˇet on piates ˇorn, and of ˇe ˇorne efter ˇere dic on Penwie ˇer Wodnesfeldesymere, & Hamtunes, & Byscopesbyri goˇ to somne. & forˇ onlang penwies in Byribroc & of ˇa broce ˇat on ˇone Ealrescagen, & efter Ealrescagan on ˇat sice, & efter siche on ˇa strete, and forˇ efter ˇer alde strete on ˇane Haren stan. & of ˇa stane on ˇa suinsete, & of ˇare suinsete on lang strete hat on ˇara dic, on lang dic ˇet on Kirnesford, & of ˇa forde on lang portstrete in ˇat White sic. & efter sic on ˇone broc in Beadgiˇeburne, & of ˇa burne into landebroce on lang ˇes broces on meidenesford, on lang ˇes broces hat into ˇare dic hit er of ˇan broce eode. This beoˇ ˇa land ymere betuone Kinpaldestune & Eatuue. Erest of ˇa broce on ˇan heafdan on ˇone dic, on lang dices in ˇonoˇorne broce, æfter/ ˇan broce into Penchrich, on lang Penchrich ˇat cume to ˇare dic. On lang dic into Sealtmere, ˇer ofer ˇone mere on ˇa dic, efter ˇere dic wiˇ easten ryecroft on ˇone fule broc, on lang broces ˇer hit mon er onteng, & ˇarto eakan ˇa fif akeres at tˇie fyrde into Kineuoldestune to Kalfre heie. This is ˇo ymere into Hageˇorndune. Erest of Searesbrocesforde on Holeweie, & of ˇan weie on ˇat longa strete, & of ˇare strete on ˇone mer heige ford. An lang Heies on ˇreo ymere, & of ˇreo ymere on Eˇelwier heie on ˇone feld on ˇone Ihau, & ˇanen on ˇa dic et ˇan scagan, on lang dices wiˇ ˇet sled wid mestac. On lang sledes op on ea & ˇat eastward on ˇat oˇer sled, efter ˇa slede on ˇæt white stanas, & ˇar on ˇa strete ˇe sceoteˇ from ˇere syle, on lang ˇare strete bi ˇam hagan heies. Efter strete in ˇat white sic, efter ˇa sice on ˇone whiten halh, and ˇer on ˇene broc, on lang broces ˇat in Searesbroc effre seodˇen, on lang broces eft in ∂one forde ∂e hiter of eode. This beoˇ ∂a land ymere at Hiltune & at Feoˇerestane. Erest of Brenesfopde on lan ∂a strete on Lece broc, upward efter broce on ∂ana Stanieford, efter ∂are strete ∂at hic cume ∂a dic, efter ∂ere dic on ˇa Heafdan, efter ∂a heafdan on ∂ana Stainiewei, ∂ar on Eˇelwiesheie. Forˇ efter his hagan heies ∂at hit cume on ∂ane michelemor, and ∂onen on ∂a ealdan byri, & ∂anen on ∂a eastleie, & sua forˇ on Leofwines heie, on lang heies on Kersewille. & ∂anen on ∂a hyll, & of ∂a hille on ∂a heafdan, forˇ efter ∂e heafdan on ∂one oˇerne hil, on lang hilles in wilspryng/ wiˇ Esingetun, & of ∂ere ˇille on suien∂un & ∂anen on ∂ane haran stan. & of ∂ane stane ∂uers ofer ∂one mor in Ebroc, on lang broces in Brunesford ∂er hit er of eode. This beoˇ ∂a land ymere into Ogintune. Erest on ∂a greata alres, efter ∂a more on Wassawillan, of ∂a on/ ∂e dic, efter ∂are dic on ∂at fen, et hare suinsete ˇet on ˇone heig. Efter ˇan heie ˇet forˇ richte on blaca leige, on sa leie suˇ forte eft on ˇe/ efter strete on ˇane ford, efter ˇa broce ongea streame on ˇa dic. Efter heredic ∂et on ˇes ford on ˇone broc, efter broce ongea streame ˇat on/ ge stret efter strete ˇat on ˇa dic, efter/ dice ˇat eft in ˇa greata alres. This beoˇ ∂a land ymere into Weoleshale, erest on Weolesford. Of Weolesford, efter broce ongean streame ˇat on myclan mor, & ∂an more ˇat on rye halan, & of rye halan on ˇone broc, efter broce ongean streame. ˝æt on/ efter dice ˇæt on ˇa haran wiˇi, of ˇan wiˇi ˇat on heortsole, of heortsole on Hunten stye, of/ Hunten stye on ˇel ford. Of ˇel forde efter/ mid streame ˇet on Ordeiseie, on ˇan broce, efter broce ongean streame west/ on Weolesford.