A.D. 963 x 975 (? 971 x 975). Æthelwold, bishop, and Wulfstan Uccea; exchange of land at Washington, Sussex, for land at Yaxley, Hunts. (given to Thorney), and at Ailsworth, Northants. (given to Peterborough). The Ailsworth estate was forfeited by a widow and her son condemned for witchcraft. English




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Printed and Translated:

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    • Her sutela∂ on ˇyssum gewrite ˇet Aˇelwold bisceop 7 Wulstan uccea hwyrfdon landa on Eadgares cyninge's' 7 on his witena gewytnesse. Se bisceop sealde Wulstane ˇet land æt Hwessingatune . 7 Wulstan sealde him ˇet land æt Jaceslea 7 æt Ægeleswur∂e . ˇa sealde Se bisceop ˇet land æt Jaceslea into ˝ornige 7 ˇet æt Ægeleswyr∂e into Buruh . 7 ˇæt land æt Ægeleswyr∂e headde an wyduwe 7 hire sune ær forwyrt forˇanˇe hi drifon serne stacan on Ælsie Wulfstanes feder 7 ˇæt wer∂ æreafe 7 man teh ˇæt mor∂ for∂ of hire inclifan . ˇa nam man ˇæt wif 7 adrencte hi æt Lundene brigce 7 hire sune ætberst 7 wer∂ utlah 7 ˇæt land eode ˇam kynge to handa 7 se kyng hit forgeaf ˇa Ælfsige 7 Wulstan Uccea his sunu hit sealde eft Adeluuolde bisceope swa swa hit her bufan sæg∂.