? A.D. 987. Oswald, archbishop, to Goding, priest; lease, for three lives, of 3 hides at Bredicot, a yardland at Genenofre, 7 acres of meadow in the hamm belonging to Tibberton, and a messuage by the gate (in Worcester). English and Latin with English bounds




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Printed and Translated:

Robertson, Charters, no. 61 (pp. 124-7)


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    • Marginal Note: Æt Bradingccotan Godingce 7 æt Genenof[re]. Px Ic Osuuald ˇur Godes giefe arcebisceop mid geˇafunge 7 leafe Æˇelredes Angulcyningces 7 Ælfrices aldermannes 7 ˇæs heorodes æt Wygerneceastre landes sumne dæl ˇæt syndon .iii. hida æt Bradingccotan 7 an gyrd æt Genenofre mon cwe∂ sumum preoste ˇam is . Godingc . noma mid allum ˇingum ˇe ˇarto belimpa∂ freolice his dæg forgeaf 7 æfter his dæge twam yrfweardum ˇæm ˇe he sylf wille 7 æfter heora for∂si∂e to ˇære hal[g]an stowe into Wygerneceastre ˇæm biscope to bryce . 7 ˇærto Ic him sylle .vii. æcras mædue on ˇæm homme ˇe gebyra∂ into Tidbrihtingctune feorˇe halfne on anum stede 7 feor∂e halfne an oˇrum stede alswa hit to gedale gebyra∂. Eac we writa∂ him ˇone hagan ˇe he hæf∂ beforan ˇæm gete . 7 twam yrfweardum æfter his dæge. ˝is sindon ˇæra ˇreora hida landgemæru to Bradingccotan ˇæt is ˇonne ærest of calawan hylle on foreweardan ˇære aldan dic . andlang ˇære aldan dic . to ˇære mære stowe . of ˇære mære stowe ˇæt in ˇa dic andlang ˇære dic ˇæt to ˇære saltstræte swa west ofer ˇære stræte in ˇa hegestowe to Spæchæme gemære of Spæchæme gemære be westan oxnaleage be ˇæm hliˇe of oxna leage nor∂ in ˇa hegestowe andlang ˇære hegestowe to ˇæm fulan slo . of ˇæm fulan slo in ˇa dic . of ˇære dic to wynne mæduan be ˇære stræt andlang stræte ˇæt to ˇæm lytlan hylle of ˇæm hylle ˇæt swa be ˇæm .iiii. ˇornan . of ˇæm ˇornan be ˇæm heafdon to ˇæm ˇornihtan heafodlonde of ˇæm heafodlonde to ˇære hegestowe . andlang ˇære hegestowe to Huniburnan . andlang Huniburnan to ˇære dic of ˇære dic to ˇæm lytlan slo . of ˇæm slo to ˇære aldan dic . andlang ˇære dic to ˇæm hæˇe foreweardan swa su∂ andlang ˇære lytlan dic ˇæt ˇonne westweard ofer ˇone hæ∂ to ˇæm lytlan grafe . of ˇæm grafe su∂weard beastan ˇæm wulfsea∂e andlang ˇære stige ˇæt eft to calawan hylle to ˇære dic foreweardan. Sit autem terra illa libera ab omni secularis rei neg[o]tio preter pontis et arcis restaurationem et contra hostes expeditionem. Sancta Maria 7 sanctus Michahel cum sancto Petro 7 allum Godes halgum gemiltien ˇis halde[n]dum . gief hwa butan gewrihtum hit abrecan wille hæbbe him wid God gemæne on ˇam ytemestan d[æg] ˇisses lifes buton he ær to dædbote gecyrre. + ˘is is seo hondseten. + Oswold arcebisceop. + Ego Æˇelstan prb't + Ego Ælfsige prb't + Ego Eadgar prb't + Ego Wistan prb't + Ego Æˇelsige prb't + Ego Leofstan diac' + Ego Æˇeric diac' + Ego Wulfward diac' + Ego Æˇelstan prb't + Ego Kyneˇeng clr + Ego Wulfgar clr + Ego Osuui clr + Ego Leofwine clr + Ego Wulfric clr + Ego Wulno∂ clr + Ego Wulfwine clr