A.D. 990. Oswald, archbishop, to Æthelmær, his man; lease, for three lives, of 1 hide at Compton Greenfield and 1 at Marsh, Gloucs., in return for 2 pounds of silver and livestock, with postscript granting the worthig at Brynes hamme which Æthelm owned. Bounds of Marsh. English with bounds




1. London, British Library, Add. 46204 (s. xi; fragment)
2. London, British Library, Cotton Tiberius A. XIII, ff. 1-118, ff. 60v-61v (s. xi 1)


Hearne, Heming, pp. 129-30; K, 675; Stevenson 1911, pp. 211-12


Stevenson 1911, p. 135

Printed and Translated:

Robertson, Charters, no. 65 (pp. 134-5)


Grundy, Worcs., I, p. 158, suggests identification with Mearse Farm in Inkberrow, Worcs; Robertson, Charters, pp. 378-9, queries Grundy's identification, suggests identification with Compton Greenfield and Marsh in Thornbury; PN Gloucs., iii. 139; Finberg, ECWM, no. 136, authentic, accepts Robertson's identification, hide at Marsh probably in vicinity of Northwick; HRH, p. 236, probably genuine; Bullough 1990, pp. 19-21, on beneficiary; Whybra 1990, p. 46; Pelteret 1995, p. 280; King 1996, pp. 106-7, 113-14; Faith 1997, pp. 162, 170, cited

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    • Rubric: Æt Cumtune Æˇelmære. + In usses drihtnes noman hælendes Cristes . Ic Oswald arcebisceop mid geˇafunge 7 leafe ˇæs arwur∂an hyredes on Wiogernaceastre ge iunges ge ealdes gebocige sumne dæl landes minan holdan 7 getriowan men ˇæm is Æˇelmær nama on twam stowum twega hida landes on ˇreora manna dæg ane hide on Cumtune on his hamstealle 7 healf ˇone wudu ˇærto 7 oˇre on Mersce for his eadmodre hyrsumnysse 7 for his licweor∂an feo ˇæt is twa pund merehwites seolfres . 7 xxx. euwna mid hiora lambum . 7 iiii. oxan 7 twa cy 7 an hors ˇæt is ˇæt hæbbe 7 wel bruce his dæg 7 æfter his dæge twam erfeweardan ˇam ˇe him leofest sy 7 him to geearnian wylle 7 hio hit hæbben tofrion ælces ˇinges butan wealgeworce 7 brygcgeweorce 7 ferdsocne; ˇis synd ˇære anre hide landgemæru on Mersce ærest of Æˇestanes gemære to ˇam wylle on Biles hamme ˇonne ut to ˇam middel ge[m]are . ˇis wæs gedon ˇy geare ˇe wæs agan fram Cristes gebyrdtide nigon hund wintra 7 hundnigontig wintra on ˇara bro∂ra gewitnysse ˇe hiora naman her beneo∂an awritene 7 standa∂. + Ic Oswald arcebiscop mid Cristes rode tacne ˇas sylene gefæstnode. + Æˇelstan primus. + Ælfsige prb't. + Eadgar prb't. + Wistan prb't. + Æˇelsige prb't. + Æˇelstan prb't. + Godingc diac'. + Leofstan diac'. + Wulfweard diac'. + Æˇelric diac'. + Cyneˇen cl. + Wulfgar cl. + Leofwine mon'. + Wulfric cl. + Wulfno∂ cl. + Wulfwine cl. + 7 Ic gean him ˇæs wor∂iges æt Brynes hamme ˇe Æˇelm ahte 7 ˇæs croftes ˇærto be eastan ˇære stræte on ˇæt ilce gerad ˇe ˇis o∂er is.