A.D. 985. Oswald, bishop of Worcester, to Leofwine, his amicus; lease, for three lives, of a half hide (manens) at Hartlebury, Worcs., with reversion to the church of Worcester. Latin with English bounds




1. London, British Library, Cotton Tiberius A. XIII, ff. 1-118, f. 81v (s. xi 1)
2. London, British Library, Cotton Tiberius A. XIII, ff. 119-200, f. 160v (s. xi 2; bounds only)


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    • Old English bounds only ∂is syndon ∂a gemæru ∂e to ∂isson londe gebyria∂. ærest of Sture on ∂a dic æt su∂ dene. Ondlong dices to ∂æm heafdum. A be ∂æm heafdum on ˇreo hlawas. Of ˇreom hlawan in ∂one weg. Ondlong weges ∂æt on ∂a aldan stræte. Ondlong ∂ære aldan stræte ∂æt hit cyme∂ to Heortlaforda. Of Heortlaforda ∂æt eft on Sture.