A.D. 985. Oswald, archbishop, to Eadric, his minister; lease, for three lives, of 5 hides (mansae) at Tiddington and Alveston, Warwicks., with reversion to the church of Worcester. Latin with English and English bounds




1. London, British Library, Cotton Tiberius A. XIII, ff. 1-118, ff. 95r-96r (s. xi 1)


Hearne, Heming, pp. 203-4; K, 651


Grundy, Gloucs., pp. 32-6, bounds are of Alveston parish; PN Warwicks., p. 231 n., on bounds; Finberg 1972, pp. 519, 521, cited; Hart, ECNE, no. 64, authentic; Hooke 1985, pp. 204, 205, including map; Bullough 1990, pp. 19-21, on beneficiary; Whybra 1990, p. 50; King 1996, pp. 105-6, 114; Wareham 1996, p. 57, on beneficiary; Hooke 1999, pp. 94-7, on bounds, with map

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    • Old English only ∂is synd ˇa landgemæru into Eanulfestune, and into Tidantune, ˇonne feh∂ hit ærest on Dondanforda. Of Doddanforda on cyngces broc. Andlang broces on ˇa dic. Of ˇære dic on ˇone hlaw. Of ˇæm hlawe on ˇone weg. Of ˇæm wege on locsetena gemære. Of ˇæm gemærum on ˇone hrygcweg. Of ˇæm hrygcwege innan westbroc. Of ˇæm broce on saltmære. Of saltmere on clægbroc. Andlang broces on ˇa stræt. Ondlang stræte on Strætford. Up andlang streames ˇæt hit cym∂ eft on Doddanford. ˇonne is ˇæs landes fif hida ˇe Oswald arcebiscup boca∂ Eadrice his ˇegne, ge neor tune ge fir swa swa he hit ær hæfde to lanlande, mid ˇæs heorodes gewitnesse on Wiogornaceastre. Her is seo handsetene.