A.D. 978. Oswald, archbishop, to Æthelnoth, his minister; lease, for three lives, of 1 hide (mansa) at Smite in Hindlip, Worcs., with reversion to the church of Worcester. Latin with English and English bounds




1. London, British Library, Cotton Tiberius A. XIII, ff. 1-118, ff. 71r-72r (s. xi 1)
2. London, British Library, Cotton Tiberius A. XIII, ff. 119-200, f. 160v (s. xi 2; bounds only)


Hearne, Heming, pp. 150-1, 355; K, 618; Hooke 1990, p. 301, bounds only


Grundy, Worcs., I, pp. 136-8, on bounds; Finberg, ECWM, no. 311, authentic; Hooke 1981, pp. 360-1, on bounds; Hooke 1985, p. 238, cited; Hooke 1990, pp. 301-4, on bounds, estate seems to have consisted of both Lower and Upper Smite, which lay within a detached portion of Warnden parish; Whybra 1990, p. 54

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    • Old English only ˇis wæs gedon ymbe [VIIII] hund wintra and eahta and hund seofantig on ˇy eahtateoˇan geare ˇæs ˇe Osuuold arcebisceop to folgoˇe fengc. [Sanctae Mariae et sanctus Michahel, cum sancto Petro], and allum Godes halgum gemilttien ∂is haldendum, gief hwa buton gewrihtum hit abrecan wille hæbbe him wi∂ God gemæne buto he to dædbote gecyrre, Amen. ˇis is ˇære are hide landgemæru to Smitan. ˇæt is ˇonne ærest of Alhˇretune middeweardre to ˇære aldan byrig. from ˇære byrig to ympan leage. of impan leage to ˇornleage. of ˇornleage to babeles beorgen. of ˇæm beorgen to ˇæm bradan slo on cylmes gemære. of ˇæm slo to Smitan, of ˇære Smitan to berge. of ˇæm berge to broces crofte. of ˇæm crofte to hefan crofte. of hefan crofte to ˇære glædenun. Her is seo hondseten. Æ∂elno∂ wæs se forma man and Leofwine his sunu is ∂e o∂er.