A.D. 978. Oswald, archbishop, to Æthelmund, his minister; lease, for three lives, of one hide (mansa) at Redmarley D'Abitot, Gloucs., with reversion to the church of Worcester. Latin with English and English bounds




1. London, British Library, Cotton Tiberius A. XIII, ff. 1-118, f. 83r-v (s. xi 1)
2. London, British Library, Cotton Tiberius A. XIII, ff. 119-200, f. 159r (s. xi 2; bounds only)


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    • Old English only ∂is wæs gedon ymbe [VIIII] hund wintra and eahta and hund seofantig on ˇy eahtanteoˇan geare ˇe Oswold arcebisceop to folgo∂e fengc. [Sanctae Mariae et sanctus Michahel cum sancto Petro], and eallum Godes halgum gemiltsien ˇis haldendum, gief hwa butan gewrihtum hit abrecan wille, hæbbe him wi∂ God gemæne, buton he to dædbote gecyrre, Amen. ∂is synd ˇære are hide landgemæru æt Rydemære leage. ærest of freones dene ˇe lige∂ of Ledene. Of Ledene to ˇære heafodstige, ˇæt swa in ˇa heahstræt. Ondlong ˇære stræte ofer byrce leage middeweardre ˇæt cym∂ to Stantunes gemære. Ondlong ˇæs gemæres in mærbroc. Ondlong broces in Ledene. Ondlong Ledene in freones dene. Her is seo hondseten.