A.D. 977. Oswald, archbishop, to Æthelwold, his cniht; lease, for three lives, of 2 hides, less 60 acres, at Wolverton in Stoulton, Worcs., with reversion to the bishopric of Worcester. English




1. London, British Library, Cotton Tiberius A. XIII, ff. 1-118, f. 77v (s. xi 1)


Hearne, Heming, pp. 163-4; K, 612, incorrectly includes bounds, see S 1601

Printed and Translated:

Robertson, Charters, no. 55 (pp. 114-15)


Robertson, Charters, pp. 360-2; Finberg, ECWM, no. 305, authentic; Finberg 1972, p. 496, cited; HRH, p. 235, probably genuine; Hooke 1990, pp. 150-1; Whybra 1990, p. 54; Dyer 1996, pp. 176, 182; King 1996, p. 103

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    • Note in Left Margin: [Wulf]ringctun [Æˇelw]old. Px Ic Osuuold arcebisceop ˇurh Godes giefe mid geˇafunge . 7 leafe Eadwardes Angulcyninges 7 Ælfheres Mercna heretogan 7 ˇæs heorodes on Weogornaceastre landes sumne dæl ˇæt synd .ii. hida buton .lx. æcran ˇæt hæft se arcebisceop genumen into Cymesige to his hame him to hwætelande ˇe fram cuˇum mannum Wulfringctun is gehaten sumum cnihte ˇæm is noma Æˇelwold mid allum ˇingum ˇe ˇarto belimpa∂ freolice his dæge forgeaf 7 æfter his dæge twam yrfweardum 7 æfter heora for∂siˇe to ˇære halgan stowe into Wiogornaceastre ˇæm bisceope to bryce . sie hit ælces ˇinges freoh buto ferdfare 7 walgeworc . 7 brygcgeweorc 7 cyrcanlade. ˝is wæs gedon ymbe .viiii. hund wintra 7 vii 7 hundseofantig ˇæs ˇæ drihtnes gebyrdtide wæs. Sancta Maria 7 sanctus Michahel cum sancto Petro 7 allum Godes halgum gemiltsien ˇis haldendum . gief hwa buton gewrihtum hit abrecan wylle God hine to rihtere bote gecyrre . amen. Her is seo hondseten. Æˇelwold is se forma man. + Oswold arcebysceop. + Ego Winsige prb't + Ego Wulfric prb't + Ego Wulfeah prb't + Ego Eadgar prb't + Ego Æˇelstan prb't + Ego Ælfsige prb't + Ego Eadweard prb't + Ego Ælfgar diac' + Ego Godingc diac' + Ego Leofstan diac' + Ego Æˇelsige diac' + Ego Wulfweard diac' + Ego Cyneˇegn cl' + Ego Wulfhuni cl' + Ego Wulfgar cl' + Ego Brihstan cl' + Ego Leofwine cl' + Ego Cynestan cl' + Wynstan cl' + Eadwine cl' + Ælfstan cl' + Ælfno∂ cl' + Æˇelwold cl' + Wulfno∂ cl' + Æˇric cl' + cl'