A.D. 969. Oswald, bishop, to his kinsman Osulf, the cniht; lease, for three lives, of land at Teddington and Alstone, Gloucs., with reversion first to Eadleofu, his wife (if his children do not survive), and then to two of her brothers, with ultimate reversion to the church of Worcester. English




1. London, British Library, Add. Ch. 19792 (s. x 2; BM Facs., iii. 28; Keller 1906, no. 5)
2. London, British Library, Cotton Tiberius A. XIII, ff. 1-118, ff. 83v-84r (s. xi 1)


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Printed and Translated:

Robertson, Charters, no. 46 (pp. 96-7)


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    • Endorsements in MS 1: (1) in contemporary hand: Teotintun (2) in contemporary hand: Eadgar cyng . (3) in hand of s. xiv: Tedinton Marginal note in MS 2: [Te]ottinctun . 7 Ælfsi[ge]stun Osulfe . Leo[fa]n . 7 Wihtgare. Px Ic Oswold bisceop ˇurh Godes gefe mid geˇafunge 7 leafe Eadgares Angulkynincges 7 Ælfheres Mercna heretogan 7 ˇæs hieredes on Wiogerneceastre landes sumne dæl ˇæt sint . . hida on twuam tunum ˇe fram cuˇum mannum Teottingctun 7 Ælfsigestun sint gehatenne sumum cnihte ˇæm is Osulf nama for Godes lufan 7 for uncre sibbe mid eallum ˇingum tofreon ˇe ˇærto belimpa∂ his dæg forgeaf 7 æfter his dæge twam erf'e'weardum ˇæt beo his bearn swilc lengest mote gief him ˇæt giefeˇe bi∂ æfter ˇara bearna dæge fo Eadleofu to his gebedde hire dæg æfter hire dæge becweˇe hire broˇrum twam swilc hire leofest sy æfter hieora dæge eft into ˇære halgan stowe. Sy hit ælces ˇinges freoh butan ferdfare 7 walgeweorc 7 brygcgeweorc ˇis wæs godon ymbe nigon hund wintra 7 nigon 7 seoxtig ˇæs ˇe drihtnes gebyrdtide wæs . on ˇy nigoˇan geare ˇæs ˇe Oswold bisceop to folgaˇe fengc. Sancta Maria 7 sanctus Michahel cum sancto Petro 7 eallum Godes halgum gemiltsien ˇis healdendum gief hwa buton gewyrhtum hit awendan wille God adilgie his noman of lifes bocum 7 habbe him gemæne wi∂ hine on ˇam ytemestan dæge ˇysses lifes butan he to rihtere bote gecerre. + Her is seo hondseten Oswoldes bisceopes 7 unna ˇæs hierdes on Wiogernaceastre. + Wulfric mæssepreost . + Eadgar mæssepreost . + Æˇelstan mæssepreost . + Wistan mæssepreost . + Ælfred clerc + Wulfhun clerc + Brihstan clerc + Wulfgar clerc + Cynsige cl + Ælfstan cl + Eadwine cl + Ælfgar cl + Eadward cl + Tuna cl + Ufic cl + Wulfheah cl + Leofwine cl + Wulfno∂ cl