A.D. 969. Oswald, bishop, to Ealhstan, his fidelis; lease of 8 hides (mansae) at Evenlode, Gloucs., with reversion to the church of Worcester. Latin with English bounds




1. London, British Library, Cotton Tiberius A. XIII, ff. 1-118, f. 100r-v (s. xi 1)
2. Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, français 19116, f. 40v (s. xvi; bounds only)


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    • Eowlangelad Ealhstan . Æˇelstan . Px Anno incarnationis dominicae . dcccclxviiii . Ego Oswald . superni rectoris fultus juvamine presul cum licentia . Eadgari . regis Anglorum . uno meo fideli qui a gnosticis noto Ealhstan . nuncupatur vocabulo ob ejus fidele obsequium . quandam ruris particulam . viii . videlicet mansas quod solito vocitatur nomine . Eowlangelade . cum omnibus utensilibus ad usum primatis æcclesiæ Dei in Wiogorna ceastre restituatur inmunis . His metis præfatum rus hinc inde giratur . ˘is synd ˇa land gemære æt eowlan gelade of eowlan gelade and lang bladene of bladene and lang riˇiges ˇæt on fugel mære midne of fulgel mere ˇæt on ˇone oˇerne fugel mere of fugel mere ˇæt on gild beorh of gild beorh and lang sealt stræte to ˇan stane of ˇan stane to ˇan oˇeran stane ˇæt swa to ˇan ˇriddan stane 7 to ˇan feor∂an stane of ˇam stane to ˇære grenan stige of ˇære stige to lafercan beorh of lafercan beorh on ˇone ealdan weg ˇæt ofer ˇone broc ˇæt eft on ˇone ealdan weg of ˇam ealdan wege ˇæt for∂ on lang dune a bi heafdan ˇæt hit cym∂ to ˇan ealdan slo of ˇan slo to ˇan lytlan beorhe of ˇan beorge on ˇæt sic ond long sices ofer ˇone broc to heort wellan of heort wellan to hwete wellan 7 ˇreo æceras ear∂ landes of hwete wellan a bi ˇan ear∂ lande to ˇan 'to' brocenan beorge of ˇan beorge for∂ on geriht on ˇæt sic of ˇam sice be ˇan heafdan ˇæt hit cym∂ to mules hlawe 7 ˇreo æceras ˇonne adune and lang ˇære furh ˇæt cym∂ to bladene swa and lang bladene ˇæt hit cym∂ eft to eowlan gelade . + Ego Oswold episcopus consensi . + Wulfric presbiter . + Eadgar presbiter . + Wistan presbiter . + Ælfred clericus . + Æˇelstan presbiter . + Wulfhune clericus . + Cynesige clericus . + Byrhstan clericus . + Ælfstan clericus . + Eadweard clericus . + Wulfgar clericus . + Eadwine clericus . + Wistan clericus . + Ælfgar clericus . + Ufic clericus . + Wulfheh clericus . + Leofwine clericus . + Tuna clericus . + Wulfno∂ clericus .