A.D. 963. Oswald, bishop, to Wulfric; lease, for three lives, of 4 hides (mansae) at Teodeces leage and at Apsley (Heath) in Tanworth, Warwicks., with reversion to the bishopric of Worcester. Latin with English bounds




1. London, British Library, Cotton Tiberius A. XIII, ff. 1-118, f. 101r-v (s. xi 1)


Hearne, Heming, pp. 216-17; K, 506 and vol. iii. 460; B, 1111


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    • Tedeces leage . 7 [Æps] leage . Albescente ac consentiente Eadgaro basileo . Ælfereque Merciorum comite . Ego Oswald largiflua Dei clementia antistes quandam rurusculi partem . iiii . scilicet mansas duabus tantum in locis divisam cui vocabulum est Teodeces leage 7 æt Æps leage . Wulfrico æternaliter concessi . et post vitæ suæ terminum duobus quibus voluerit cleronomis derelinquat eorumque item finito curriculo ad usum primatis in Weogorna ceastre redeat inmunis . ˘is syndon ˇa land gemæru ˇe ymb be lycgcea∂ teodeces læge . timan hyl of tyman hylle on widan dene of widdan dene on oslan mere of oslan mere on diopan sea∂ of diopan sea∂e to ulan bearhe . a be ˇære æfesce on hrischalh of hrischalh on eaman broc of eaman broce on ˇone dic of ˇon dice on scir holtes weg of scir holtes wæge on ealdan læge of ealdan læge on forst healh of forst halh a be efæsce on smeˇe metue of smeˇe metue on teodeces broc of ˇam broce on dunan hyl . ˘is syn∂ ˇa land gemæra to æps læge fiolo meres ford of fiolo meres forde on færn læge of færn læge on oflic weg of oflic wege to ˇære bradan stræte of ˇære stræte on cipes broc of ˇam broce on bioton halh of biotan hale in fucces treowe of fucces treowe in mær ford of mær ford on cnollan gæte in ˇa diopan bæce of ˇam diopan bæce in ˇane ealdan weg of ˇam ealdan wege in fiolo meres ford. ˘onne is ealles ˇæs landes . iiii . æt Teodeces læge . i . æt Æps laege . iiii . ˇa Oswald bisceop bocaˇ Wulfrice . ˇreora manna dæg on ˇa gerad weorce ˇæt be Weorce ˇæt ˇæt land seo un for worht into ˇære halgan stowe . Anno dominice incarnationis . dcccclxiii . Scripta est hac cartula is testibus consentientibus q'u'orum inferius notantur . + Wulfric presbiter . + Ælfred presbiter . + Cynstan clericus . + Æˇelno∂ presbiter . + Wulfhun clericus . + Ælfstan clericus . + Æˇelstan clericus . + Cynsige clericus . + Cyneˇegn clericus . + Ælfric diaconus . + Wistan clericus . + Eadgar diaconus . + Eadwine clericus . + Berhstan clericus . + Wulfgar clericus . + Wulfheh clericus . Sit pariter lupo pax vita longa salusque . Jungere gaudemus lapidem disjungere necne . Laxatur pius his junctis nostri memor et sit . Comment from Birch (BCS, vol. 3, p. 345) The solution to the riddle after the signatures seems to be Wulf-stan, and to refer to Wulfstan, bishop of Worcester, A.D. 1062-1095, at whose desire Heming compiled the Worcester Chartulary.