A.D. 963. Oswald, bishop, to Ælfric, his minster; lease, for three lives, of 1 hide (mansa) at Cotheridge, Worcs., with reversion to the church of Worcester. A note, in English, names Æthelsige, son of Ælfric, as the second life, and one of his male descendants as the third. Latin and English with English bounds




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Printed and Translated:

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    • Æt Coddanhrycce . Ælfrice . 7 Æˇelsie . Px Ego Osuuald ergo Christi krismate prEsul iudicatus dominicE . Incarnationis anno .dcccclxiii annuente regi Anglorum . Eadgaro . Ælfereque Merciorum comite nec non et familiae Wiogornensis ecclesiae . quandam ruris particulam unam uidelicet mansam in loco qui celebri a solicolis nuncupatur æt Coddanhrycce uocabulo cuidam ministro meo nomine . Ælfric . perpetua largitus sum hereditate et post uite suE terminum duobus tantum heredibus immunem derelinquat quibus defunctis ecclesiae dei in Uuigornaceastre restituatur . On ˇæt gerad ˇe he ælce geare of ˇam lande geerige twegen æceras 7 ˇæron his circsceat gesawe 7 ˇæt eft geripe 7 in gebringe . 7 ic an him ælce geare on minum wudu .xii. foˇre wudas butan ceape. ˘is sindan ˇa landgemæru to Coddanhrycge . ærest up on Temedan andlang biscopes gemæres nor∂rihte on ætincweg of ætincwege in Coddanhrycges bece andlang beces to bricgeburnan fordes ˇanan andlang stræte ˇæt hit cyme∂ beneoˇan obantreow ˇanan su∂rihte andlang ˇære hegeræwe in rixuc andlang rixuc on hihtes gehæg ˇanan su∂rihte in ˇa stræte andlang stræte ˇæt in bregnesford up andlang temedan ˇætæt eft on biscopes gemære. Scripta est hEc carta is testibus consentientibus quorum inferius nomina notantur. + Ego Wulfric prbt. + Ego Ælfric pbr. + Ego Eadgar diac. + Ego Ælfred clr. + Ego Wulfun clr. + Ego Cynesige clr. + Ego Cynestan clr. + Ego Cyne∂egn clr. + Ego Wynstan clr. + Ego Eadwine clr. + Ego Byrhstan clr. + Ego Wulfgar clr. + Ego Æˇelstan cirward. + Ego Æˇelwold clr. + Ego Wulfeah clr. Ic Ælfric cyˇe minan leofan hlaforde ˇæt ic on Æˇelsige minan suna ˇæs landes ˇe ic to ˇe gearnode æfter minan dæge to habbanne his dæg 7 æfter his dæge to syllanne ˇæm ˇe him leofast seo 7 ˇæt sio on ˇa spere hand.