A.D. 962. Oswald, bishop, to Æthelm; lease, for two [? recte three] lives, of 2.5 hides at Elmstree in Tetbury, Gloucs., with reversion to the bishopric of Worcester. English




1. London, British Library, Cotton Tiberius A. XIII, ff. 1-118, f. 59r (s. xi 1)


Hearne, Heming, pp. 125-6; K, 494; B, 1086

Printed and Translated:

Robertson, Charters, no. 34 (pp. 62-5)


Robertson, Charters, pp. 318-20; Finberg, ECWM, no. 106, authentic; Whybra 1990, p. 46; King 1996, pp. 106-7, 116 n. 107

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    • In the right margin: Æˇelmodestreow Æˇelme 7 Ælfstane 7 Wulfrice. Px Ic Oswald ˇurh Godes gyfe bisceop mid geˇafunge 7 leafe Eadgares Angulcyniges 7 Ælferes Myrcna heretogan 7 ˇæs heoredes æt Weogernaceastre landes sumne dæl ˇæt i ˇridde hid ˇe fram cu∂um mannum Æˇelmodestreow is gehaten sumum men ˇam is Æˇelm nama mid eallum ˇingum ˇe ˇærto belimpa∂ . freolice his dæg forgeaf 7 æfter his dæge 'anum' yrfeweardum 7 æfter heora for∂si∂e to ˇære halgan stowe into Weogernaceastre ˇam bisceope to brice. Sit autem terra ista libera omni regi nisi Ecclesiastici censi. ˘onne is ealles ˇæs landes ˇridde healf hid ˇe Oswald bisceop boca∂ Æˇelme . mid his hlafordes leafe ˇriora manna dæg on ˇa gerad wyrce ˇæt he wyrce ˇæt ˇæt land si unforwor'h't into ˇære halgan stowe. Anno dominicE incarnationis .dcccclxii. Scripta . hæc carta his testibus consentientibus quorum inferius nomina notantur. + Ego Wulfric prb'. + Ego Ælfric prb't. + Ego Ælfred cl'.. + Ego Eadgar diac'. + Ego Wulfhun . cl'.. + Ego Cyneˇen cl'.. + Ego Byrhstan cl'..