A.D. 922. Wilfrid, bishop, to the community at Worcester; grant of land at Clifford Chambers, Warwicks. English with bounds




1. Lost original
2. London, British Library, Harley 4660, f. 8r (s. xvii; ex 1)


Hickes, Inst. Gramm., pp. 174-5, ex MS 1, cf. pp. 168-9; K, 1097; Mon. Angl. (rev. edn), i. 592-3 (no. 26); B, 636

Printed and Translated:

Robertson, Charters, no. 21 (pp. 42-5)


Robertson, Charters, p. 299, the bounds are of neighbouring parish of Milcote; PN Gloucs., i. 2, 11, 239-40, 260; Finberg, ECWM, p. 236; Hart, ECNE, no. 52, authentic; Pelteret 1995, p. 167; Bassett 1996, p. 162 n. 28

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    • In the year 922 of the incarnation of the King of kings, who governs all the secret things of heaven and likewise controls in marvellous order those which are recorded among men under the dome of heaven, and in the tenth Indiction, this grant which appears in this charter in the Saxon speech was confirmed and given. In the name of our Lord the Saviour Christ, I, Bishop Wilfrith, inform my successors that I grant a certain piece of land at Clifford to the refectory of the community at Worcester, as a perpetual inheritance, with its men and with all the profits from fisheries and meadows which belong to it, on condition that the remembrance of me in the sight of God be the more steadfastly observed among them. And every year also, by means of the estate, they shall commemorate to a certain extent the anniversary of my death with the profits which they obtain from the estate. And now we entreat all our successors, both ecclesiastics and laymen, by the mercy of God, that this our gift may steadfastly endure, and if there be a man of any rank among our successors who acts so vilely as to impair or diminish this our grant in any way, he shall find that he must render account for it before God on the terrible Day of Judgment, unless he has duly made amends for it both to God and men. There are two hides of this land within the following boundaries. First up from the Stour south along the dyke to the highway, along the highway to the Weston boundary, then along the boundary north as far as the Avon, up along the Avon back to the Stour to the dyke.
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    • Disponente regi regum cuncta cæli secreta nec non quæ sub cæli culmine apud homines notantur miro ordine gubernante cujus incarnationis humanæ anno . dccccxxii . indictione x hæc donatio quæ in ista cartula saxonicis sermonibus apparet confirmata ac donata erat. In usses dryhtnes noman hælendes Cristes . Ic Wilfri∂ biscop cy∂u minum æfterfylgendum ∂æt ic sylle sumne dæl londes æt Clifforda higen to hiora biode æt Weogernaceastre on ece erfeweardnesse mid monnum 7 mid allum ˇæm nytnessum ge on fixno∂um ge on medwum ∂e ∂ærto belympa∂ on ∂æt gerad ˇæt min gemynd for Gode mid him ˇy fæstlicor sio 7 hio ælce gere of ∂æm londe ec be sumum dælæ gemyndgien ∂a tide mines for∂si∂es mid ∂æm nytnessum ∂e hio on ∂æm londe begeten . 7 nu we halgsia∂ ∂urh Godes mildhiortnesse alle ure æfterfylgend godcundra hada 7 weorldcundra ˇæt ˇios ure sylene sta∂ulfæstlice ∂urhwunian mote 7 gif ænges hades mon sio ure æfterfylgendra swa wemne wirca∂ ˇæt ∂æs ure sylene on ængum wisum gewemman o∂∂e gewanian wille wite he hine riht ageldendne beforan Gode in ∂æm forhtigendlican domes dæge butan he hit ær Gode 7 monnum wyr∂lice gebete . ˇisses londes siond twa hida binnan ∂issum gemærum ærust up of Sture su∂ onlong dic[es] on ∂one herpa∂ onlong herpa∂es to Westtunniga gemære swa onlong gemæres nor∂ ˇæt in Afene, up onlong Afene, eft on Sture in ∂a dic.