A.D. 899 x 904 (Worcester). Wærferth, bishop, to Cyneswith, his kinswoman; lease, for three lives, of 3 hides at Elmstone Hardwicke, Gloucs., with reversion to Bishop's Cleeve, for the bishopric. The other 2 hides at Elmstone Hardwicke, of the 5 hides leased by the community to Bishop Wærferth (cf. S 1415), are to belong to Prestbury for as long as the lease runs. English




1. Lost Somers charter 10


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Printed and Translated:

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    • + In usses Dryhtnes noman Hælendes Cristes . ic Uuerfriˇ biscop mid alles ∂æs heoredes leafe on Weogornaceastre ge gunges ge aldes selle Cyneswiˇe mire megan ∂reora hida lond on Alhmundingtune ∂aes fif hida ∂e higen