A.D. 904. Wærferth, bishop, with the Worcester community, to Wulfsige, his reeve; lease, for three lives, of 1 hide at Aston Magna, Gloucs., just as Herred held it. English




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Printed and Translated:

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    • In the everlasting reign of our Lord the Saviour Christ who governs all things both in heaven and on earth, and in the year 904 of his incarnation, and the seventh Indiction, I, Bishop Werfrith, with the permission and leave of my honourable community in Worcester, grant to Wulfsige, my reeve, for his loyal efficiency and humble obedience, one hide of land at Aston as Herred held it, for three lives -- and all the demesne land is surrounded by a dyke outside -- and then after three lives the estate shall be given back without any controversy to Worcester. And these are the names of the men who permitted it and confirmed it with the symbol of the cross of Christ...
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    • Endorsements: (1) Uulfsiges lond boc (2) in later hand: Heastunesboc (3) in later hand: Eadward senior Rixiendum on ecnisse ussum drihtne hælende Criste se∂e all ∂ing gemetega∂ ge on heofeneum ge on eor∂an ˇæs inflæscnisse ∂y gere ˇe agen wæs dcccc wintra 7 iiii winter 7 ∂y .vii. gebongere . Ic Uuerfrid bisco'p' mid mines arweor∂an heorodes ge∂afuncga 7 leafe on Weogernaceastre sylle Wulfsige minum gerefan wi∂ his holdum mægene 7 eadmodre hernesse anes hides lond on Easttune swa swa Herred hit hæfde on ∂reora monna dæg 7 all ∂æt Innlond belige∂ an dic utane 7 ˇonne ofer ∂reora monna dEg agefe monn eft ∂aet lond butan elcon wi∂ercwide Innto Weogernaceastre 7 ∂is seondan ∂ara monna noman ∂e ∂æt ge∂afedon 7 mid Cristes rode tacne gefæstnedon + Uuerfri∂ biscop + Cynehelm abbod + Uuerfri∂ pr's . + Eadmund pr's . + Berhtmund pr's. + Tidbald pr's . + Hildefri∂ pr's . + Ecfri∂ pr's. + Eaduulf pr's. + Wiglaf pr's. + Oslac diacon + Cyna∂ diacon + Berhthelm + Wigheard + Monn + Earduulf + Uullaf + Berhthelm + Heahred + Cynelaf + Uulfred + Cynehelm + Uulfric + Cenfri∂ + Hwituc + Cynelaf + Ceolhelm + Uullaf + Ealhmund + Earduulf + Uulfgar