A.D. 995 x 1002. Writ of Ælfthryth (the king's mother) giving testimony concerning an estate at Ruishton, Somerset. English


Winchester, Old Minster


1. London, British Library, Add. 15350, f. 26r-v (s. xii med.)


K, 717; Thorpe, p. 295

Printed and Translated:

Harmer, Writs, no. 108 (p. 396)


Harmer, Writs, pp. 380, 524-5, authentic; Finberg, ECW, no. 523, authentic; John 1965, p. 413; Chaplais 1966, p. 173, authentic, may have been drafted by a Canterbury scribe (= 1973, pp. 57-8); Hart 1970a, (no. 45), authentic; John 1977, p. 117, cited; Keynes 1980, pp. 34 n. 59, 138 n. 188, 143 n. 209, authentic; Wormald 1988, nos 66-7; Yorke 1988a, p. 82; Wormald 1988a, p. 39 n. 106; Kennedy 1995, p. 172 n. 161; Sharpe 2003, p. 251, on address

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    • Alf∂ry∂ gret Ælfric arcebiscop & Eˇelwerd ealdarman eadmodlice. & ic cy∂e inc ∂et ic eom to gewitnysse ˇæt Dunstan arcebiscop getehte Aˇelwolde biscope Tantun eal swa his bec specon. & Eadgar cyning hit agef ∂a, & bead ælcon his ˇegna ˇe enig land on ˇan lande hafde, ˇæt hi hit ofeodon be ˇes biscopes gemedon o∂∂e hit agefum. & se cyning cwæ∂ ˇa ˇet he nahte nan land ut to syllanne, ˇa he ne dorste fram Godes ege him sylf ∂et heafod habban & ma, gerad ˇa Risctun to ˇes biscopes handa. & Wulfgyˇ rad ˇa to me to Cumbe & gesohte me. & ic ∂a for ˇan ˇe heo me gesib was, & Ælfswy∂ for ˇan ˇe he hyre broˇor was, abedon æt A∂elwold biscope ˇæt hi moston brucan ˇes landes hyra deg, & efter hyra dege eode ˇet lond into Tantune mid mete & mid mannum eal swa hit stode. & wit hyt swi∂e unea∂e to ˇan brocton. Nu cydde man me ˇæt A∂elwold bisceop & ic sceoldon ofneadian ˇa boc æt Leofrice. Nu ne eom ic nanre neade gecnewe ˇe libbe, ˇe ma ˇe he wolde ˇeah he lyfode. Ac Leofric hafde ane niwe boc. ˇa agef he ˇa, ˇa cydde he mid ˇan ˇet he nolde nan fals ˇer on don. ˇa cydde A∂elwold bisceop him ˇæt hine ne mihte nan his eftergenga bereafian, het ˇa gewritan twa gewritu, o∂er him sulf hefde, oˇer he Leofrice sealde.