A.D. 1042 x 1049. Æthelwine niger to St Albans; grant of 21 hides (mansae), comprising 5 hides at Grandborough, Bucks., 7 hides and 1 gyrd at Redbourn, Herts., 5.5 hides at Langley, and 3.5 at Thwangtune (Fawn Wood in St Albans), Herts. English and Latin versions


St Albans


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    • Her swutelað on ðisan gewrite embe þa land þe Ægelwine swearte geuðe Gode to lofe <7> sancta Mariam 7 eallan Godes halgan into sancte Albanes mynstre for his sauwlan <7> for Wynflædan his wifes 7 for eallan his yldran saulan þam broðran to fode be Eadwardes cinges leafe. Þæt synd fif hidan æt Grenebeorge 7 .uii. hida 7 an gyrd æt Reodburne 7 sixte hea<l>f hida æt Langeleage 7 feorðe healfe hida æt Þwangtune. Hærto is gewitnesse Eadwertus cing hym <s>ylf 7 Ælfgyfe Imma his moder <7> Eadnoð biscop 7 Sigwærd eorl 7 Þurig eorl 7 Ælfric Wihtgares sune 7 Ælfwine Wulfwedes sune 7 Þurgisel Swega 7 Burhred 7 Leofwine Æstanes sune 7 Alwold his broðer 7 Ægelric se reade 7 Aleg 7 ealle mine hiredmenn. 7 ic bidde cinne cing oððe kynebearn þe Engleland age þæt næfre ne geþafige þæt man ðone cwide awende ut fram sancte Albanes mynstre. 7 gyf hit hwa do oððe geþafige wurðe his sauwle besænced into helle wite. 7 ic sylf Ægelwine þis writ gedihte 7 gean mid þam lande 7 mid me sylfan into sancte Albane þam halgan martire a on ecnesse. His synt þa land gemære into Hryd burne Latin version: Hoc notum sit omnibus fidelibus quod ego Ægelwinus niger, cum consensu domini mei regis Eadwardi, aliquam ruris partem, id est .xxi. mansas cum una uirga, in quattuor locis ubi nominamus æt Grenebeorge .v. hidas, æt Reodbune .vii. et .i. uirgam, æt Langalege .v. hidas et dimidiam, æt Þwangtune .iii. hidas et dimidiam, ad honorem Dei et sancte Marie et sancti Albani et omnium sanctorum ad ecclesiam supradicti martyris Albani, pro anima mea et anima Wynflæde uxoris mee, et pro animabus seniorum meorum, deuotissime concedo ad usum monachorum Deo et beato martyri inibi seruientium. Si quis igitur hanc nostram donationem in aliud quam constituimus transferre uoluerit sit priuatus a consortio sancte Dei ecclesie eternisque baratri incendiis lugubris iugiter cum Iuda Christi proditore eiusque complicibus puniatur, si non satisfactione emendauerit congrua. Huius doni constipulatores fuerunt, quorum inferius nomina scripta uidentur. Ego Eadwardus rex Anglorum hanc donationem Ægelwino mihi oppido fideli desideranti libenter concessi. + Ego Ælfyfa Imma mater regis Eadwardi concessi + Ego Ægelwinus hanc meam donationem manu mea confirmaui + Ego Eadnoðus episcopus + Ego Siwardus comes + Ego Þurius comes + Ego Ælfricus filius Wihtgari + Ego Ælwinus filius Wulfredi + Ego Þurgiselus + Ego Swegn + Ego Burhredus + Ego Leofwinus filius Æstan + Ego Alwoldus frater Leofwini + Ego Ægelricus rufus + Ego Aleg et omnis mea familia
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    • Here is declared in this document about the estates which Æthelwine the Black granted to God in praise and to Holy Mary and all God's saints to St Alban's minster for his soul and for that of Wynflæd his wife and for the souls of all his ancestors to the brethren for their sustenance with the permission of King Edward. That are five hides at Granborough and seven hides and one virgate at Redbourn and five and a half hides at Langley and three and a half hides at Fawn Wood. Witness to this is King Edward himself, and Ælfgifu Emma his mother and bishop Eadnoð and earl Siweard and earl Thori and Ælfric, son of Wihtgar, and Ælfwine, son of Wulfred and Thurgisl, Swegn, and Burgred and Leofwine, Æstan's son and Ælfwold his brother and Æthelric the Red and Aleg and all my retainers. And I request the king’s majesty or princes of the blood whom England has that he may never allow that anyone divert this decree from St Albans minster. And if anyone do so or allow it may his soul sink into the pit of hell and I myself Æthelwine dictated this document and dedicated (it) with the land and myself to St Alban the holy martyr for ever and ever.