c. A.D. 1040. Stigand to (Bury) St Edmunds; grant in reversion of land at Playford, Suffolk, after the death of Ælfgar, priest. English


Bury St Edmunds


1. Cambridge, University Library, Ff.2.33, f. 50r (s. xiii 2)


K, 978

Printed and Translated:

Robertson, Charters, no. 92 (pp. 178-9)


Robertson, Charters, pp. 424-6, date 1040 attributed to grant in list of Bury benefactors; Hart, ECEE, no. 91, authentic, the estate did not descend with the charter; Pelteret 1995, p. 167

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    • Here is declared in this document the agreement that Stigand and Ælfgar his priest have made when he let him the estate at Playford, namely that Ælfgar the priest should hold the estate for his lifetime, and after his death Stigand should resume possession of it, if he survived. And after the death of both of them it shall pass without controversy to St Edmunds with its produce and its men and everything as it was supplied. And he can neither lose it by a lawsuit nor forfeit it. Two of the witnesses of this are Bishop Ælfric and Abbot Ufi, also all the community at Bury St Edmunds, and Stigand and Ælfwine, Wulfweard's son, and Ælfric, Wihtgar's son, and Eadric and Ordgar and Leofmær and many others. There are two of these documents; one is at Bury St Edmunds and Stigand has the other.
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    • [H]er suyteleˇ on ˇise wrtte wilke forwarde Stigand and Alger his prest Wrouhten ˇo he let him ˇat lond to hande at Playford . ˇat is ˇat Alger prest habbe ˇat lond his day . and ouer his day ; fonge Stigand ˇerto gif he leng libbe . and ouer here boˇere day ; go ˇat lond into seynt Eadmunde mid mete and mid manne and mid alle ˇinge so it ˇanne tyled beth . buten alken gentale . and he it ne may neyˇer ne forsegen ne forwerken . ˇis aren .ii. witnesse . Alfric bisscop . 7 Vui Abbot . 7 al se hird binnen seynt Eadmundes biri . and Stigand an'd' Aelfwine Wluardes sune . 7 Alfric Withgares sune . 7 Eadric and Ordger . 7 Lemmer and manie oˇere . ˇise wrtte sinden tua . on is binnen seynt Eadmundes biri . 7 oˇer haui∂ Stigand.