? A.D. 1036. Thored to Christ Church; grant of land at East Horsley, Surrey. English


Canterbury, Christ Church


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Printed and Translated:

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    • + Ic Þored geann þæt land æt Horslege þam hirede æt Cristes cyrcean for mine sawle swa full 7 swa forð swa ic sylf hit ahte. Latin version: [A]nno dominice incarnationis millesimo .xxxvi. Ego Thored instinctu Dei, consenciente et concedente domino meo rege Cnutone, concessi ecclesie Christi que sita est in Dorobernia, ad opus et uictum monachorum in eadem ecclesia Deo seruiencium, uillam meam nomine Horslege, liberam ab omni seculari seruitute, exceptis expedicione, pontis et arcis construccione.
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    • I, Thored, grant the land at Horsley to the community at Christ Church, for the sake of my soul, as fully and to the same extent as I myself owned it.
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    • + Ic ˝ored geann ˇæt land æt Horslege ˇam hirede æt Cristes cyrcean for mine sawle swa full 7 swa for∂ swa ic sylf hit ahte.