A.D. 1013 x 1020 (? 1013 x 1018). Godwine to Leofwine the Red; grant of a swine-pasture at Swithrædingdænne (? Southernden, Kent), which Leofwine attaches to Boughton (? Malherbe), Kent. English


Canterbury, Christ Church


1. Oslo and London, Schøyen Collection, 600 (s. xi 1; BA Facs., 19; Larking 1858, facing p. 63)


K, 1315

Printed and Translated:

Larking 1858, p. 63; Robertson, Charters, no. 75 (pp. 148-9)


Wallenberg, KPN, pp. 331-2, on identifications; Robertson, Charters, pp. 394-5; HRH, p. 236, possibly original; BA Facs., pp. 6-7, probably contemporary

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    • + Her swutelað on ðysan gewrite þæt Godwine geann Leofwine readan ðæs dænnes æt Swiþrædingdænne on éce yrfe . to habbanne 7 to sellanne on dæge 7 æfter dæge ðam ðe him leofost sy . æt þon sceatte ðe Leofsunu him geldan scolde . þæt is feowertig penega 7 twa pund 7 eahta ambra cornes . Nu ánn Leofwine þæs dænnes ðon ðe Boctun to handa gegá æfter his dæge . Nu is þyses to gewittnesse . Lyfingc bisceop . 7 Ælfmær abbud . 7 se híred æt Cristes cyrcean . 7 se híred æt sancte Augustíne . 7 Síred . 7 Ælfsige cild . 7 Æþelric . 7 manig oþer god man binnan byrig 7 bútan.
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    • Here is declared in this document that Godwine grants to Leofwine the Red the swine-pasture at Swithrædingdænne [? Southernden] as a perpetual inheritance— to have during his day and to give away after his day to whomsoever it may be dearest to him— at the price which Leofsunu had to pay him, that is two pounds and forty pence and eight ambers of corn. Now Leofwine grants this swine-pasture to him to whom Boctun [? Boughton Malherbe, Kent] may go after his day. The witnesses of this are Bishop Lyfing [Canterbury] and Abbot Ælfmær [St Augustine’s] and the community at Christ Church and the community at St Augustine’s and Sired and Ælfsige cild and Æthelric and many another good man within and without the borough.
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    • + Her swutela∂ on ∂ysan gewrite ˇæt Godwine geann Leofwine readan ∂æs dænnes æt Swi∂rædingdænne on ece yrfe . to habbanne 7 to sellanne on dæge 7 æfter dæge ∂am ∂e him leo