A.D. 680 (October). Æthelmod to Bernguidis (Beorngyth), abbess, and to Folcburh, and their monastery; grant of 20 hides (manentes) by the river Cherwell. Latin




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    • In nomine Domini Dei saluatoris nostri Iesu Christi. Ego Æðelmod, per consensum regis Æðelredi, pro remedio anime mee dono tibi Bernguidi uenerabili abbatisse et Folcburgi, et per uos monasterio uestro, manentes .xx. iuxta flumen quod appellatur Ceruelle, ut habeatis iure dominioque uestro, quam monasterio uestro uindicetis. Si quis uero contra hanc donationis mee cartulam uenire temptauerit, sciat se rationem redditurum in die iudicii. Et ut hec donatio mea in sua firmitate persistat, subter propria manu signum sancte crucis feci, et Theodorum sanctissimum archiepiscopum ut subscriberet rogaui, simul et Æðelredum regem ut subscriberet rogaui. Actum in mense Octobri, indictione nona. Signum sancte crucis Æðelmodi. + Æðelredus rex gratia Dei ascriptio. + Theodorus gratia Dei archiepiscopus subscripsi. + Putta gratia Dei episcopus subscripsi. + Bosel gratia Dei episcopus subscripsi. +
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    • In the name of the Lord God, our Saviour Jesus Christ. I, Æthelmod, with the agreement of King Æthelred, for the salvation of my soul give to you, venerable abbesses Beorngyth and Folcburg, and through you to your monastery, 20 hides next to the river that is called Cherwell to have by law and under your right of property, which you may defend by law for your monastery. If anyone indeed should attempt to act contrary to this record of my gift, let him know that he will have to render an account on the Day of Judgment. And in order that this gift of mine should remain safeguarded, I have made with my own hand the mark of the holy cross, and I have asked the most holy archbishop, Theodore, to subscribe and I have also asked King Æthelred to subscribe. Executed in the month of October, in the ninth indiction. Mark of the holy cross of Æthelmod. + Æthelred, king by the grace of God, [his] subscription. + Theodore, by the grace of God archbishop [of Canterbury], subscribed. + Putta, by the grace of God bishop [of Hereford], subscribed. + Bosel, by the grace of God bishop [of Worcester], subscribed. +
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    • In nomine domini Dei salvatoris nostri Jhesu Christi ! Ego Æthelmod, per consensum regis Æthelredi, pro remedio animæ meæ, dono tibi Bernguidi venerabili abbatissæ et Folcburgi, et per vos monasterio vestro, manentes . xxti . juxta flumen quod appellatur Ceruelle, ut habeatis jure dominioque vestro, quam monasterio vestro vindicetis. Si quis vero contra hanc donationis meæ cartulam venire temptaverit, sciat se rationem redditurum in die judicii. Et ut hæc donatio mea in sua firmitate persistat, subter propria manu signum sanctæ crucis feci, et Theodorum sanctissimum archiepiscopum ut subscriberet rogavi, simul et Æthelredum regem ut subscriberet rogavi. Actum in mense Octobri, Indictione nona, Signum sanctæ crucis Æthelmodi . + . Æthelredus , rex gratia Dei , ascriptio . + . Theodorus, gratia Dei archiepiscopus, subscripsi . + . Putta, gratia Dei episcopus, subscripsi . + . Bosel, gratia Dei episcopus, subscripsi . + .