A.D. 1057 x 1066. Writ of King Edward declaring that the monks of Westminster Abbey are to have the land at Tooting, Surrey, given by Swegen his kinsman. English




1. London, British Library, Cotton Faustina A. III, f. 105r (s. xiii)
2. London, Westminster Abbey, W. A. Muniment Book 11, f. 505r (s. xiv)


K, 846, ex MS 1; Mon. Angl. (rev. edn), i. 298 (no. 12), ex MS 1; Neufeldt 1907, no. 6, ex MS 1

Printed and Translated:

Harmer, Writs, no. 92, ex MS 2


Harmer, Writs, pp. 311-13, 512, authenticity doubtful; Brooke and Keir 1975, p. 369, dubious; Gelling, ECTV, no. 347, citing Harmer, no conclusive evidence against authenticity.

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    Old Text

    • Edward king gret Stigant biscop 7 Leofwine eorll 7 alle mine ˇeygnas on Su∂ereie freondlice. 7 ic kiˇe ow ˇæt ic wille 7 ˇat ic ann ˇat Sancte Peter 7 ˇa gebro∂era on Westminstre habben ˇa feuwer hiden landes æt Totinges 7 elc ˇare ˇinge ˇe ˇar to mid rihte gebira∂ swa full 7 swa for∂ swa Swein myn may hit/ of me firmest held 7 into ˇare halgan stowe geaf 7 ic ˇas fullice geuˇe. 7 ic ann heom eft alswa ˇat hi habben ˇer ofer saca 7 socna, toll 7 team, infangeneˇeof 7 flemenesfrimthe 7 ealle o∂re gerihtu on eallun ˇingun ˇe ˇer up aspringe∂/. 7 ic nelle geˇafian ˇat ani mann habbe ˇer ofer anig onsting buten se abbud 7 ˇa gebro∂era. God eow ealle gehealde.