A.D. 1049. Writ of King Edward declaring that he has given to Westminster Abbey the estates of Datchworth and Watton-at-Stone, Herts., as fully and completely as Ælfwynn the nun held them of the monastery and committed them to Abbot Edwin and the monks, and as King Edgar granted them to the monastery, and as they were adjudged in (the assembly of) the nine shires at Wendlebury (? Wandlebury, Cambs.). English




1. London, British Library, Cotton Faustina A. III, f. 107r (s. xiii)
2. London, Westminster Abbey, W. A. Muniment Book 11, f. 227r (s. xiv)


K, 826, ex MS 1; Mon. Angl. (rev. edn), i. 298 (no. 17), ex MS 1

Printed and Translated:

Harmer, Writs, no. 79 (p. 346), ex MS 2


Harmer, Writs, pp. 315-16, 501-4, authenticity doubtful, may be interpolated, must belong to 1049; Hart, ECEE, no. 73, authentic, suggests that Wendlebury is Wandlebury near Cambridge; Brooke and Keir 1975, p. 369, status uncertain; Harvey 1977, p. 346; Gelling, ECTV, no. 182, citing Harmer, may be interpolated, Wendelbury in Oxon. is equally likely; Kennedy 1985, p. 185, on shire-meeting, agrees with Wandlebury identification; Wormald 1988, no. 87; Kennedy 1995, p. 143 n. 50.; Foot 2000, II. 211-12

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    • Edward kingc gret Eadnoˇ biscop 7 Beorn eorl 7 alle mine ˇegnes on Hertfordscire frendlice. 7 ic cyˇe eow ˇat ic habbe gegifen Criste 7 Sancte Petre into Westmenstre ˇa land Deceswrˇe 7 Wattune mid sace 7 mid socne, mid tolle 7 mid teame 7 mid infangeneˇeofe swa full 7 swa for∂ swa Alwunn si nunne hit heold of ˇam minstre 7 atforen/ Ædi∂e ˇaire hlafdie Æeadwine abbyde 7 ˇam monecan up hyo betehte 7 al swa Æadgar cingc in/ to ˇam minstre hyo geuuˇe 7 eac alswa swa hyo gedemde waron on ˇam nigon sciran on Wendelbury. 7 ic nelle non oˇer. God eow gehealde.