A.D. 1042 x 1044. Writ of King Edward declaring that the burh at Wennington, Essex, with the 4 hides belonging to it and the church and land æt thære lea, is to belong to Westminster Abbey as fully and completely as ever Ætsere Swearte and his wife Ælfgyth owned them and gave them to the abbey with his consent. English




1. Lost
2. London, British Library, Cotton Faustina A. III, f. 108r (s. xiii)


Madox 1702, p. 36 (no. 60), ex MS 1; K, 870, ex MS 2; Mon. Angl. (rev. edn), i. 299 (no. 21), ex MS 2; Neufeldt 1907, no. 15

Printed and Translated:

Harmer, Writs, no. 73 (p. 340), ex Madox


Madox 1702, p. 36 n., refers to a red wax seal, three inches wide; Harmer, Writs, pp. 301, 492-4, probably not fully authentic in present form, may be of late 11th-century date; Hart, ECE, no. 50, authentic basis, the land æt thære lea may lie in Aveley, Essex, the adjacent parish; Brooke and Keir 1975, p. 369, dubious; Harvey 1977, p. 344.

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    • Eadward kyng gret Ælfward biscop 7 Leofcild scirgerefan 7 ealle mine ˇeignas on Eastsexan frendlice. Ic cy∂e eow ˇæt ic wille ˇæt se/ byrig æt Winintune 7 feower hidan landes ˇær to mid ˇære cyrice 7 mid ˇære cyricsocne 7 mid ælce ∂ære ˇinga/ ˇe ˇær to gebyra∂ 7 mid ∂am lande æt ˇære lea liggen into Westmynstre to ∂ære muneka bigleofan swa full 7 swa for∂ swa Ætsere Swearte 7 his wif Ælfi∂ hy fyrmest ahten 7 ∂ider inn gefon 7 ic ∂es fullice geu∂e. And ic ann ˇæt Sancte Peter habbe ˇær ofer saca 7 socna, toll 7 team, infangeneˇeof 7 fulne freodom on eallum ∂ingum swa full 7 for∂ swa he fyrmest hæfo∂ on ænigum stede ˇær he o∂er land hef∂. For ∂am ic nelle ge∂afian ˇæt ænig mann undo ∂a gyfe ˇe ic ∂ider inn geunnen habbe o∂∂e ˇæt ∂er ænig mann ænigne onstyng habbe on ænigum ∂ingum o∂∂e on ænigne timan buton se abbud 7 ˇa gebro∂ra to ∂es mynstres nytˇærflicre neode. God eow gehealde 7 Sanctes Petres holde.