A.D. 1052 x 1066. Writ of King Edward declaring that he has granted to Archbishop Stigand and the community at Christ Church all the lands that they had in the time of his predecessors and in his own time. English and Latin versions


Canterbury, Christ Church


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Twysden, X Scriptores, col. 2224; K, 909, ex MS 12; Pierquin, Recueil, pt 6, no. 68

Printed and Translated:

Harmer, Writs, no. 34 (p. 187), ex MSS 9, 11


Harmer 1938, pp. 347-9; Harmer, Writs, pp. 175-8, 452-3, authenticity unclear, may be expanded version of genuine writ or a post-Conquest fabrication; Wormald 1995, pp. 128, 129

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    • Eadward þurh Godes geuu Ænglelandes kining . grete ealle mine bisceopas 7 ealle mine eorles 7 ealle min[e scirgereuen 7 ealle] mine þegenes on þam sciran þe Stigand ærcebisceop 7 se hyred æt Cristes ciricean on Cantwarebyrig habbað land inne fr[eondlice . 7 ic kyðe] eow þæt ic habbe heom geunnon þæt hi byon ealra þare lande wurðe þe hi hæfdon on ealre minre foregænla timan [7 on minan . 7 saca] 7 socne . on strande 7 on streame . on wudan 7 on feldan . tolnes 7 teames . griðbreces 7 hamsocne . forstealles 7 inf[angenes þiofes] 7 flæmene feormðe ofer hyre agene mænn binnan burgan 7 butan . swa ful 7 swa forð swa mine agene wicneres [hit secan scoldan .] 7 ofer swa fela þegena swa hi habbað . [7 ic] nelle þæt ænig man ænig þing þær on tyo buton hi 7 hyore wicnæres þe [hi hyt betæcen willað .] for þan þingan þe ic hæbbe Criste þas gerihte forgeuen minre sawle to ecere alysednysse . 7 ic nelle geþafian þæt æn[ig man þis tobrece] be minan fullan freondscipe . [7 gif ænig man sy swa] dyrstig þæt þisne cwide æfre awænde . oððe þær to geþwærlæce . sy [he Iudas gefere þe] Crist belæwde . 7 Drihten fordo hine a on ecnysse . Amen. Latin version: [E]go Eaduuardus gratia Dei rex Anglorum omnibus episcopis, ducibus, comitibus, proceribus, uicecomitibus ceterisque suis fidelibus in omnibus comitatibus in quibus Stigandus archiepiscopus et monachi ecclesie Christi Cantuar’ terras habent amicabiliter salutem. Notum uobis facio me concessisse Stigando archiepiscopo et monachis ecclesie Christi omnes terras quas habuerunt tempore patris mei et omnium antecessorum meorum, et saca et socne on strande 7 streame, on uude 7 felde, tolnes 7 teames, grythbryce 7 hamsocne 7 foresteallas 7 infengenestheofes 7 flemenefermthe super suos homines, infra urbes et extra in tantum et tam pleniter sicut proprii ministri mei exquirere deberent, et etiam super tot thegenes quot habent. Et nolo ut aliquis hominum se intromittat nisi ipsi et ministri eorum quibus ipsi committere uoluerint, propterea quia ego concessi Christo has consuetudines pro eterna redemptione anime mee et nolo pati ut aliquis eas frangat, si non uult perdere amicitiam meam. Si quis autem huius donationis aliquid fregerit temerario ausu, faciendo aut consenciendo, socius sit Iude qui tradidit Christum et ab omnipotenti Deo inperpetuum dampnetur.
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    • Edward by God’s grace king of England, [I] greet all my bishops and all my earls and all my sheriffs and all my thegns in the shires in which Archbishop Stigand and the community at Christ Church have land, in friendship. And I make known to you that I have granted them that they be entitled to all the lands that they had in the time of all my predecessors and in my time, to sake and soke, on strand and in stream, in woodland and in open country, to toll and to team, to breach of the peace and to hamsocn, to foresteall and to infangenetheof and to flymenafyrmth, over their own men within boroughs and without, as fully and to the same extent as my own officials would exercise it, and over as many thegns as they have. And I do not wish that anyone take anything therefrom except themselves and their bailiffs to whom they wish to commit it, because I have given these rights to Christ for the eternal salvation of my soul. And I will not permit anyone to violate this on [pain of losing] my full friendship. And if anyone be so presumptuous as ever to alter this bequest or to consent to its being altered, may be the companion of Judas who betrayed Christ and may the Lord bring him perdition for ever to all eternity. Amen.
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    • Eadward ˇurh Godes geuu ængelelandes kining grete ealle mine bisceopes 7 ealle mine eorles 7 ealle mine scirgereuan 7 ealle mine ˇegenes on ˇam sciran ˇe Stigand ærcebiscop 7 se hyred æt Cristes ciricean on Cantwarebyrig habba∂ land inne freondlice. 7 ic ky∂e/ eow ˇæt ic habbe heom/ geunnon ˇæt hy byon ealra ˇare lande wur∂e/ ˇe hi hæfdon on ealre minre foregænla timan 7 on minan 7 saca/ 7 socne, on strande 7 on stræme, on wudan 7 on feldan, tolnes 7 theames, gri∂brices 7 hamsocne, forstealles 7 infangenes ˇiofes 7 flamene feorm∂e, ofer hire agene mænn binnan burgan 7 butan, swa full 7 swa for∂ swa mine agene wicneres/ hit secan scoldan, 7 ofre swa fela ˇegena swa hi habba∂. 7 ic nelle ˇæt ænig man ænig ˇing ˇær on tyo buton hi 7 hiore wicnaeres ˇe hi hyt betæcan willa∂, for ˇan ˇingan ˇe/ ic habbe Criste ˇas gerihte/ forgeuen minre sawle to ecere alysednesse. 7 ic nelle geˇafian ˇæt ænig man/ ˇis tobrece be minan fullan freondscipe. 7 gif ænig man sy swa dirstig ˇæt ˇisne cwide/ æfre/ awænde o∂∂e ˇær/ to geˇwærlæce/ sy he Iudas gefere ˇe Crist belæwde 7 drihten fordo hine a on ecnysse, Amen.