A.D. 1042 x 1066. King Edward to Christ Church, Canterbury; grant of land at Chartham, Kent, and Walworth, Surrey, and confirmation of land at Sandwich, Eastry, Folkestone, Thanet, Adisham, Ickham, Chartham, Godmersham, Westwell, East Chart, the other Chart, Berwick, Brook, Warehorne, Appledore, Mersham, Orpington, Preston, Meopham, Cooling, Farningham, Hythe, Hollingbourne, Farleigh, Peckham, all in Kent; at Patching and Wootton in Sussex; at Walworth, Merstham, Cheam, and Horsley in Surrey; at Southchurch, Laver, Milton (Hall) in Prittlewell, Lawling in Latchingdon, Bocking, St Osyth and Stisted in Essex; at Hadleigh and Monks Eleigh, Suffolk; at Monks Risborough in Bucks.; and at Newington and Britwell Prior, Oxon. English and Latin versions


Canterbury, Christ Church


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Printed and Translated:

Robertson, Charters, no. 95 (pp. 180-3), English version


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    • (a) + Ic Eadwerd cyng 7 Englalandes wealdend under Criste þan heofenlican cyninge geann þæs landes æt Certham into Cristes cyrcean for mine sawle þan hirede to fosterlande þe þærinne Gode þeowað . 7 ic eom þæs mynstres mund 7 upheald . 7 nelle geþafian þæt ænig mann geutige ænig þara landa þe mid rihte into þan halgan mynstre gebyrige (b) 7 ic wille þæt ælc þara landa þe on mines fæder dæge læg into Cristes Cyrcean . wære hit kynges gife wære hit bisceopes . wære hit eorles . wære hit þegenas . eall ic wille þæt ælces ma\n/nes gife stande . 7 ic nelle geþafian þæt ænig mann þis awende . 7 gif ænig mann si swa dyrstig . oþþe þærto geþwærlæce þæt ænig þara lande þe lið into Cristes Cyrcean þanon geutige . si he Iudas gefera þe Crist belæwade . 7 þe þisne cwyde æfre awende . þe ic mid minre agenre hand on þissere Criste bec Cristes betæhte on uppan Cristes weofod . Drihten fordo hine a on ecnesse . Amen. (c) Ðis synd þara landa nama . Sandwic . Eastryge . Tænet . Edesham . Ieoccham . [....] . Certaham . [....] Godmæresham . [...] . Wyll' . East Cert . 7 oþer Cert . Berwica . Werhornas . Apuldra . Merseham . Orpedingtun . [...] . Preostatun . [...] . Meapaham . Culingas . Frinningaham . Holingaburnan . Fernlege . [...] . Peccham. On Suðsexan . Pæccingas . Wudutun. On Suðrian . Wealawurð . Mersetham . Ceigham . Horslege. On Estsexan . Suðcyrcean . Middeltun . Lællingc . [...] . Boccing [...] One Eastenglum . Hæðleh . Illaleh ; Innon Buccinghamscire be Cilternes efese . Hrysebyrgan . [...] Innone Oxenafordscire . Niwantun . Brutuwylle. Latin version: + [E]go Eduuardus, gratia Dei rex Anglorum gubernator et rector, instinctu Dei concedo Christi ecclesie in Dorobernia et monachis in eadem ecclesia Deo seruientibus, ad uictum eorum, pro salute anime mee, terras nomine Certaham et Walewrthe iuxta Lundoniam. Omnibus quoque volo esse notum me esse prouisorem et defensorem eiusdem ecclesie nec uelle consentire ut aliquis hominum inde aliquam terram auferat quam tempore patris mei eadem ecclesia habuit, siue sit donum regis seu archiepiscopi, episcopi, ducis, comitis, thegenes. Volo ut donum omnium cuiuscumque sexus uel ordinis sic stabile permaneat, et ecclesia Christi iam predicta omnium dona firmiter habeat et teneat. Siquis autem aliquid horum a iure eiusdem ecclesie abstulerit, faciendo aut consenciendo, perpetuo anathemate feriatur et cum Iuda traditore dampnetur. Hec sunt nomina terrarum quas ut michi iudicatum est adpresens Christi ecclesia habet. Sanduuic, Estreia, Folcestan, Tenet, Edesham, Iocaham, Certaham, Godmaeresham, Wlle, East Ceart, other Ceart, Beruuican, Broce, Werehorn, Apeldre, Merseham, Orpinctun, Preostantun, Meapaham, Culinges, Fryningaham, Hytha, Hollingeburnan, Fearnlege, Peccham. On Suthsexan: Pæccingæs et Wdetun. On Suthrygan: Walauurthe, Mersætham, Ceiham, Horslege. On Estsexan: Suthcyrcan, Lagefare, Middeltun, Lællinges, Boccinges, Cicce, Stigestede. On Est Engla: Haethlege, Illelege. In Buccingahamscire: Hrisbeorgan. In Oxoniafordscyre: Niuuantun et Bruteuurthe.
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    • (a) I Edward, king and ruler of England under Christ, the heavenly king, grant the estate at Chartham to Christ Church for the sake of my soul to sustain the community which serves God therein. And I am the guardian and upholder of the monastery and will not allow that any man to alienate any of the lands which by right belong to the holy monastery. (b) And I will that each of the estates which in my father’s day belonged to Christ Church—were it the gift of the king or a bishop or an earl or a thegn—it is entirely my will that every man’s gift shall stand; and I will not allow any man to alter this. And if any man be so rash or consents to any of the estates that belong to Christ Church being alienated from there, he shall be the companion of Judas who betrayed Christ. And he who ever alters this bequest, which with my own hand on this altar-book I have dedicated to Christ on the altar of Christ, the Lord shall bring him to perdition forever to all eternity. Amen (c) These are the names of the estates: Sandwich, Eastry, Thanet, Adisham, Ickham, [...], Chartham, [...], Godmersham, [...], Westwell, East Chart and the other Chart, Berwick, Warehorne, Appledore, Mersham, Orpington, [...], Preston, [...], Meopham, Cooling, Farningham, Hollingbourne, Farleigh, [...], Peckham. In Sussex: Patching, Wootton, In Surrey: Walworth, Merstham, Cheam, (East) Horsley. In Essex: Southchurch, Milton, Lawling, [...], Bocking. In East Anglia: Hadleigh, (Monks) Eleigh. In Buckinghamshire, at the edge of the Chilterns: (Monks) Risborough. In Oxfordshire: Newington, Britwell (Prior).
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    • + Ic Eadwerd cyng 7 Englalandes wealdend under Criste ˇan heofenlican cyninge geann ˇæs landes æt Certham into Cristes cyrcean for mine sawle ˇan hirede to fosterlande ˇe ˇærinne Gode ˇeowa∂