s. xiv

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Comment: Exchequer, T.R., Forest Proceedings

Charters contained:

S1171, m. 9d: A.D. 685 x 693, probably 686 x 688 (March). Hodilredus (Æthelred) to Hedilburg (Æthelburh), abbess, for her minster called Beddanhaam (Barking); grant of 40 hides (manentes) at Ricingahaam, Budinhaam, Dagenham, Angenlabeshaam and Widmundes felt (Wyfields in Great Ilford), all probably in Essex. s. xiv

S980, m. 6: A.D. 1021 x 1023. King Cnut to Bury St Edmunds Abbey; grant of privileges and of renders of fish from Welle (Upwell and Outwell, Norfolk) and of eels from Lakenheath, Suffolk. s. xiv