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Bibliography: Tite, Early Records, pp. 102-3
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S1436, A.D. 825 for c. 827 (Clofesho). Record of a dispute between Archbishop Wulfred and Coenwulf, king of Mercia, and his heir Cwoenthryth, abbess, concerning the minsters of Reculver and Minster-in-Thanet. At an initial settlement in London (? late 821) Wulfred ceded to King Coenwulf 300 hides at Iognes homme (? Eynsham, Oxon.). In subsequent settlements (at Clofesho and Oslafeshlau) Cwoenthryth ceded to Wulfred land at Harrow, Middx; Herefrethingland; Wembley, Yeading, Middx; Boc land; and Combe, Kent. s. ix 1